West Capital International Review: An Investment Scam (westcapitalinternational.com)

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West Capital International is an investment scam supposedly operating out of Japan and South Korea. The official website, which is found at westcapitalinternational.com, suggests that the needs of their clients is the priority of the company. The crooks behind this website are pretending to care so much about their clients. In fact, their marketing material is mostly created around this theme. But the truth is that this platform is just a face that covers a sophisticated scam. The problem is that such a scam cannot persuade informed investors but can definitely trap the financially uniformed who are desperately looking for some sort of financial freedom through the stock market. The website of West Capital International is full of red flags.

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West Capital International Review

The company pretends to offer legitimate portfolio management services in addition to retirement planning and offshore investing. They have a simple website that does not exude sophistication that is usually associated with a botique investment company. So we actually don’t know what their plan is in terms of marketing the “service” to consumers. As a matter of fact, even their social media platforms don’t work, despite the company having those links on their website.

West Capital International is trying to persuade investors by highlighting what their investment strategy looks like. They suggest that the goal is to preserve your capital by “taking advantage of opportunities”. They want to “invest” your money in stocks, bonds or commodities that are considered undervalued.

Furthermore, their marketing materials suggest that West Capital International is successful because they avoid overvalued assets and market peaks.

Their main target are consumers who want asset growth or capital preservation. They suggest that they can fulfill these needs in a professional manner. But what, is this company for real? Why are we saying it is an investment scam?

West Capital International is not licensed

The website is operating in South Korea and Japan but is not licensed in either of the countries.

The Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) is responsible for supervising entities that provide financial services in South Korea.

In Japan, the industry is regulated by the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA).

Nonetheless, West Capital International is not regulated despite providing their services in the two countries and also across the globe.

The problem with these regulators is that they are not as strict as those that regulate well-known brokerages services.

But it is worse to not have a regulator’s license at all. An entity like West Capital International is just as risky as their counterpart West Capital trading (which also appears to operate from these jurisdictions).

No reviews or feedback from customers

With the kind of “service” offered by these guys, one would expect that the firm is holding assets for a number of clients.

What is surprising is that despite having existed for more than 3 years now, the company has never received any feedback from their supposed clients.

This is strange considering that they claim to offer their services to high networth client but these people are not leaving their testimonials anywhere on the internet.

The scam has only included fake testimonials on their website. It’s not possible to verify those testimonials, plus anyone with a website can always post a “testimonial” on their own website.

The conclusion

This is a typical investment scam. Avoid West Capital International as they lack the threshold to qualify for a serious asset management firm.

The reason they are not licensed is because they don’t have good intentions. The only agenda is to steal investors’ funds of which you can utilize the form in this review or the live chat function down below to recover your lost money.

Thank you for reading.

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