Wealth Boss Review: Wealthboss.com a Scam

Wealth Boss is a Crypto MLM that claims to multiply Bitcoin for its investors.

Yearly returns are 170% and they also pretend to be trading Bitcoin through an “intuitive platform” that generates daily payouts.

Investors who want to compound their earnings can simply activate the “EarningEngine™” feature.

Withdrawals can be done anytime and support is 24/7.

Wealth Boss also runs a feature called WealthBlock. They describe this as a one-year contract in their earning matrix where Bitcoin is leveraged and members share earnings of the company.

This is the first evidence that proves WealthBoss is actually a Crypto MLM and not a genuine trading platform.

Is Wealth Boss Legit?

There is no real products here and Bitcoin can never be multiplied.

In simple terms, this website is not telling us how they generate Bitcoin.

We know that money cannot be generated out of nothing.

So this is why WealthBoss is actually a scam.

It is not legit.

Secondly, we feel that an unregulated and an anonymously-owned business such as this one is definitely a scam.

Because they claim to generate a ROI for their investors, they should be regulated by a financial authority.

Unfortunately they don’t have a license or authorization to deal in financial matters on behalf of investors.

Thirdly, they’re operating without a physical address. The Wealth Boss scam does not even want you to contact them.

This is why there is no email or phone contact.


Thanks for reading our review of WealthBoss. It is just a scam.

For you to generate revenue from Bitcoin trading, you need to use reliable trading tools and resources, not scams.