WDC Markets Review: Scam Forex Broker!

WDC Markets operating from wdcmarkets.com is a Forex broker offering over 300 financial assets from 3 types of trading accounts.

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The 3 trading account types include Self-trading account, Robot trading and Copy trading.

Minimum deposit is 250 Euros or its GBP equivalent. For robot and copy trading accounts, investors rely on “Highly advanced AI” and state of the art artificial intelligence to place “highly accurate trades”.

WDC Markets broker review

With these highly praised trading software, we expected the broker to provide some proof of good trading performance.

This is not the case and we therefore discourage the use of bogus trading software and instead request traders to explore these options.

Of course copy trading is for those who want to follow other successful traders.

WDC Markets maximum leverage is up to 1:500.

Commission charged per lot is anywhere from 0 to 100 Euros or GBP, which is quite expensive compared to what well-known professional Forex brokers charge their customers.

WDC Markets does not appear to offer the popular MT4 or MT5 trading software.

This is the standard in the Forex marketplace and if a broker cannot offer it, they are losing out on serious traders.

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Is WDC Markets legit broker?

WDC Markets is owned and operated by a company called FTG Solutions LTD.

FTG Solutions LTD is registered in the British Virgin Islands and operated from Tornimae 5, Tallinn, 10145, Estonia.

This is basically an offshore location which is also synonymous with hosting rogue Forex brokers.

This also explains why WDCMarkets is not a licensed broker. Contrary to what they say, the funds of their clients are not safe.

We also found out that the Spanish National Securities Market Commission warned investor against trading with this unregulated broker because there have been several reports of this broker holding funds.


While their website may seem attractive and convincing, the fact remains that WDCMarkets.com is a scamsite running a dubious Forex brokerage operation.

You need to avoid such Forex brokers at all cost.

2 Responses to “WDC Markets Review: Scam Forex Broker!”

  1. Hans Hartelt says:

    Hello everyone! I’ll get in touch with you again. The scammers from WDC Markets managed to destroy all of my money. That is a record in these times when profits are gushing on the stock market. All bookings from this scam company are air bookings and the positive reviews are also fake. Again I warn everyone who wants to invest in this company not to do so. Because these scammers steal your money and you have nothing left.

  2. Rob Gregory says:

    I am convinced WDC Markets are a scam company. I invested 25000 Euro 12 months ago initially with my account Manager Henrik Reid and later with a replacement Manager Emiloo Carfaro. This amount grew to over 85k early Feb 2021. Then the downside happened till eventually today I have been advised by Michael Delman that my account is zero! Emilio and I had an agreed strategy to invest no more than 40% of my equity at any time and that was to be spread over Shares, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. I have all of this in various email and Whatsapp communications. Mr Carfaro blatantly disregarded our agreed strategy and then embarked on high risk, unauthorised transactions resulting in a loss of over 86000 Euros. I have evidence of all of this and am now contemplating my next course of action. For all potential investors of WDCMarkets remember the adage: BUYER BEWARE.

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