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WB trading Review: The ‘William Brown’ Scam (

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This review of the website will show you the tricks that ‘William Brown’ is using to sell you a useless $5,000 trading mentorship program. He can’t be selling a profitable trading system when he is deceptive in his marketing and is unwilling to show us his real trading performance. WB trading is operated out of England, and Mr. Brown is peddling rule-based mechanical trading strategies. The strategies are allegedly suitable for day traders and swing traders.

Youtube video postings depict Brown analyzing the market and using his strategies to identify where big profits will be made from. In one of the videos, he depicted how to ‘turn £90 into £726.30’. He also claims in his website that he turned £500 into £6000 in his first few weeks of trading after watching a kid ‘making millions from his bedroom’.

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Now, Mr. Brown wants to teach you how to be a consistently profitable trader in all markets. According to the sales page, the strategies involve using a momentum indicator alongside price action. This can be used in all timeframes and in all markets. The owner of WB Trading is also claiming that he uses high timeframe ‘bias bar”, scanning the 24 hour chart before narrowing down on the 1 hour chart. According to Brown, this strategy is effective as it is a set and forget trading system for busy people.

The entire WB Trading salespage is about purchasing the magic trading strategies and becoming rich quickly.

Is WBtrading what it purports to be?

WB Trading Review

I warn you that this website is very controversial as there are many consumer complaints floating around on the internet.

The owner of WBtrading is also using legal threats to silence victims of his online scam. He is making use of his lawyer to send threatening letters demanding that victims cease and desist from posting reviews online.

Just like the infamous Dacxi scam, WBtrading has chosen to continue defrauding unsuspecting victims in numbers. The trick is to use laywers to send threatening letters.

The logic is that if his trading strategies truly work, consumers should be happy, hence no negative reviews on the internet. So why is he using these under-hand tactics of intimidation to silence victims? The answer is very clear.

WBTrading is Violating the Commodities Exchange Act

Mr. Brown is not working alone to deceive consumers with his trading products. He is in cahoot with another New York based investment hustler known as ‘Zubin Mehta’.

Mr. Mehta is an ex-registered investment advisor. This is a red flag as the regulator cannot excommunicate you unless you have committed gross misconduct.

The mistake is that Mehta was caught guaranteeing very high monthly returns to the financially naive consumers of the trading product.

In fact, he also violated the FTC act by providing consumers with fraudulent account statements depicting his profitable trades.

It also appears that the owner of WB Trading partnered with the pseudo Rubin Mehta to run the trading scam out of the UK. Zubin Mehta is based in the US and the reason for participating in this slick marketing scheme and fraud outside the US is because he wants to avoid direct confrontation with the securities regulator.

Dax Strategy and the Live trading room

The owner of WB Trading wants you to believe that he is a professional trader, and that all his earnings come from trading his mechanical strategies.

One of those strategies is called ‘Dax strategy’. He claims on his website that he has ever traded the strategy in front of an audience and banked +81 points.

The story of how this trading happened in front of an audience is very interesting. According to Brown, Dax Masters live room traders approached him, asked whether he could sit in for one of their traders who was going to be away on holiday. Brown agreed and pulled one trade. He waited for a couple of days and the next day the profit was made.

He claims that he was using his real money to trade in front of an audience and that those followers were also trading live accounts.

But the problem with this narrative is that Brown is only showing us a couple of screenshots for his Skype and charting software but no verifiable proof of the +80 points target that he claims to have made.

He also claims that his audience made money from this trade. Well, where are those people, and can we verify their supposed results?

The True William Brown of WB Trading (you will be shocked)

After a bit of digging around, I discovered that this dude was actually a former UK based DJ. His DJ name was ‘DJ Campa’.

Since Mr. Brown is a very deceptive character, you can be sure that the name William Brown is just one of his many pseudos.

Other than the name that he is popular known with, the guy also goes by the names Paul Domino, Tom Wilson and other fake identities.

The guy is also tricking us with his real business address. WB Trading is ‘located inside a hotel room’ as the business address is from a hotel room.

This begs the question of where the real character is operating from and also why he is lying to us about his physical location.

WB Trading has no verifiable trading results

Despite peddling his mechanical trading strategies on his website and also across YouTube and even in the ads, Mr. Brown does not have verifiable trading performance.

In one instance, we were showed ‘trading results’ from multiple company accounts. The numbers were truly ridiculous.

I was assured that the results were real and that students typically enjoyed those returns. But of course the scam couldn’t give me the ‘secret knowledge’ unless I spent thousands of dollars on the mechanical strategy.

The Conclusion

As I wrap up this review, I would like to mention that WB Trading has a Trustpilot profile with over 170 fake positive reviews.

‘Customers’ of WBtrading are praising the website and giving us reasons why we should check it out.

But you see, WB Trading is actually submitting these testimonials and not their customers.

The real negative reviews are out there in the wild, and I know that this fraudulent character will never want you to lay your eyeballs on those ugly comments.

Thanks for reading the WB Trading review.

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28 Comment on this post

  1. It’s a BIG scam WBTrading £4800 he wants I bought it for $167 from a Singapore website. I gave a 1star review on trustpilot and flagged me twice. Once saying I was lying about the costs and the other about advertising the company who were selling the package. I emailed back to prove I was right and they lifted the flags after I checked there so called strategies(different names) in the package you can get them for nothing all free it’s just a big scam, hopefully my reviews will be read and people don’t get ripped of. It won’t surprise me if dj compa(William brown) try’s put another flag in.

    1. Hi Steve,
      I hope you’re well. I have a call booked in with ‘William’ this afternoon, i’m glad i read this! i won’t be attending now! How did you get on with the one from Singapore?

    2. Steve
      I’m about to pay £5,800!!!!!
      I currently trade and was looking at this approach as watched the video and had one call already!!!
      I’d be grateful if you can tell me the Singapore site where this information is from and on the call I can really speak about how I already know all of this hahahahah
      Cheers mate I’m advance

    3. Hi Steven,

      Thank you I was about to join WB, I am intersected the Singapore website just to see their mechanical set up. I lost my Dad over sees and I wonted a way see see Mum over sees more often and make a income.
      Regards Zoran

    4. I can’t thank you enough Steve, you’ve just saved me $8,700 today. I was about making the initial payment of US$2,900 of 3 monthly payments x $2900 charged by WB Trading.
      Please can you give me a link to the Singapore website where I can get it for $167?

    5. Hello Steve

      I been researching this and luckily found article.
      Could you send me a link for the Singapore website that you purchased the mechanical trading strategy from?
      Does it actually work I would like carry on my journey and give it a try but will not be giving any money to William brown.

    6. Hi Steven,
      I hope you are okay, please I’m still waiting for a link to the Singapore website where I can get “The Mechanical Strategy” for $167.

    7. Hi Steven could you please be more specific about your overall experience? Did you buy the strategies from WBTrading or just from a website in Singapore?
      If you did buy them from WBT did you utilise them, but if not how can you state that it is a scam? Would appreciate you backing up your claims – thanks

  2. Hello all, im so grateful i found this article but i am utterly frustrated about trsutpilot not routing out fake positive reviews. I was offered to by the package for just under 1k after i hadnt gone ahead with the full price 5k package. I am interested in the singapore based page though if someone could share it for me.

  3. Thanks for this article, I was gonna buy this package in black friday for 995pounds. Just told myself to search for WbTrading Scam before buying! Voila! Found you! All the positive comments and no complaints made me suspicious.

  4. I fell for this scam, parted with quite a chunk of money and haven’t seen any return. Is there any recourse or should I say goodbye to £5k?

  5. Hi Guys, first up thank you for writing this page, hopefully we can protect as many people as possible from this man. I was too scammed by WB Trading aka William Brown aka DJ douche bag! I signed up for the mentorship programme with the DAX strategy and a currency strategy in Feb 2019. He sent me a worthless excel spreadsheet for performance recording. We had two Skype calls where he refused to turn on his camera, when I asked questions regarding trading in general, like delta, market internals, liquidity it became clear he didn’t have a clue what I was saying. I dug deeper about his DAX strategy, he stuttered when I asked success rate, I pressed, he finally admitted 49% success rate so worse than a coin toss! Also his strategies are based on one years data (Apparently!), in my opinion 10 years of back testing isn’t enough due to market conditions etc. The realisation that I’d be scammed was painful, because of my desperation to find that magic pill it had blinded my judgement. I asked for my money back and received £1500 of the £3000 I paid. He also had the cheek to ask for a positive trust pilot review. In trading there’s no magic pills just hard work and discipline, trade futures and learn from the best (Mainly US based futures traders.).

  6. Tx Jamie for your thoughts.

    After reading all these I cancelled my call with WB Trading. Also been bombarded by Greg Secker/ Lifestyle trader which has similar glowing reviews and some awful ones .

    Looking to leave the corporate world in my 50’s now and do this but now I have no idea who in the UK is credible anymore to learn from .

    Thoughts welcome all

  7. As a user of William Browns mechanical trading strategies I can 100% verify that these work. Will, and his team, have always provided me with the data I have asked for so that I can validate it.
    Just this morning I took 2 trades on the DAX, the first lost (£254.77) but the second trade won £881.22 and that is me done for the day with that strategy.
    I am using the strategies to undertake a 5er’s bootcamp challenge, and to date I have made £3,900 of the £6k needed to move onto challenge 2.
    I am sure that there are plenty of scammers out here but my experience suggests that WB Trading isn’t one of them.

    1. To me, the problem is not that he is a scammer (I don’t think he is) but that his course is wildly overpriced for what you get. He used to sell individual strategies for much much less, now he only sells the Platinum Course for close to 6000 pounds. I guess it’s a free market and if you are willing to part with that amount of money to get strategies you can find for free online (though you won’t know you have the same strategies as no one tells you) then fine. Just remember that to get back your $6000 in a reasonable time period you’re going to have to have a very large account to trade with. Something close to $10,000 will get you 6000 back in six months if you are consistent and make 10% profit per month. Must most people are trading sub $10,000 accounts and it’s going to take them a lot longer to break even. If they are smart they won’t even trade with a money account for a few months after paying for the course, not until they have verified the strategies work. Honestly I don’t think Will would have the negative press he has if he just sold individual strategies for a few hundred pounds each like he used to, especially if he kept the same money back guarantee. But I guess this business model is working for him and it’s his right. One thing I really appreciated with Will was the free “how to find your own edge” video. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will find the same four Edges that he discovered yourself and you will know from the process whether they work or not even before you trade them. That actually is very valuable, that and the Trading Journal video. I’m currently profitable on Demo thanks to his free videos and if I remain that way and switch to Money (and eventually Funded), I might even throw him some cash as a thank you. But probably not 6000 pounds!

  8. Yep, i can also share that this is NOT a scam.

    After joining a month or so ago, I like the training a lot, it fits well with my analytical mind. This course gives you explanations of the what, how and why of each strategy. I really appreciate that. Also, with an emphasis on capital preservation and risk management.

    What attracted me to the course is… the realistic nature of the training. This course is grounded and truthful. Wins and losses are part of the game. Having a strategy for more wins than losses is an “Edge”.

    Will and and the team are very helpful and nice. I feel I am learning a lot and am supported. And by the way, if you think this is not true/real, just email me and i’ll share a screenshot of my receipt or something for you.


    1. Hi I’d like to see some proof please. Thinking of joining but unsure because of these reviews which I’m aware could also be false.

      1. Why are you hesitant to join if you’re aware that our review is ‘false’? Do not contradict yourself. Obey that small voice that is making you hesitant to join. You are agreeing with these reviews only that you do not want to admit it.

  9. One simple inspiration to all of the audience. If the strategy really works as he says…why he bother to make youtube advertising or teaching and getting US5000 each? he can simply “compound” his wealth through this strategy, and having sunshine in yacht and satellite internet connection/cell phone, right? Is he running a charity there?

    If any coach tells me he charge $XYZ for certain knowledge that may “improve” your result (not winning), I will think if it’s worth it. But if he tells me his course is the holy grail, I’m sure he’s a liar.

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