WalFlo.com Review: WalFo is just a SCAM Broker

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WalFlo does not appear to be a legitimate broker. This review explains reasons why we believe investing with WalFlo is a perilous endeavor.

First of all, I have an issue with their licensing and accreditation. WalFlo has a dedicated page for their supposed licensing information.

This page contains a certificate and also a list of financial authorities that are allegedly overseeing the operations of WalFlo. I took keen interest in investigating the broker in relation to the financial regulators and I found that the broker is actually lying about their licensing status.

The minimum investment that the broker demands is $1,000. I have no problem with this amount. The main problem is that by sending them this amount of money, you are likely going to lose it. It is better to invest this amount on trading products and services that have been proven to help investors build wealth. You will thank me later for pointing you in this direction.

WalFlo.com Review: Not a unique service at all

The service does not offer anything unique. They keep repeating the same things that we’ve heard over and over again. For example, they talk of instant execution, quality of service, progressive trading platform, deposit insurance and so on.

I signed up and placed a few trades last week and found that the execution speeds are not as good. They are merely exaggerating.

See, this is the length am willing to sacrifice for you guys for the sake of writing a truthful review.

You might ask whether I was scammed or not. Well, I have not attempted to perform a withdrawal yet but chances are that the owner of Walflo has seen this review and will fool me by actually processing it.

Whatever the case, I assure you that this is not a legitimate broker. I have no assurance that my money is safe in their hands, and therefore I don’t recommend them to anyone reading this review.

Why WalFlo is lying about their licensing

They simply want to seem legitimate. What they don’t know is that this is the wrong way to win the trust of their audience who are soon going to be turned into victims.

Also, when a company lies about their licensing yet they are involved in handling their clients’ money, then it shows that they are scrupulous.

This trick is used by scammers who run websites like Iprime Capital aka IPcapital, PFH Markets and many others.

If they lie about paperwork, then definitely they are going to swindle you as they cannot be trusted in many other areas of their operations.

The Conclusion

WalFlo is a big scam. What they offer you is a platform where victims can open accounts and deposit money so that this money can be snatched from the victim. It is an absurd platform that is masquarading as a legitimate broker but the signs are crystal clear.

If you want to create wealth and not be a victim of scam, the best you can do is to follow these recommendations. 

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