Vita Capitals Review: is a Scam Broker

Vita capitals LLC is the company behind this shady website whose domain is The company is operating out of Bulgaria and selling its trading services to clients worldwide. The broker offers trading in major asset classes as well as all US equity and options markets.

However, the broker does not have the credibility to gain any meaningful ratings in the community. Even if you use their platform alongside some of the best trading systems and signals, I’m sure you will still lose money because they are clearly market makers. They trade against their clients. Even if you’re too smart to outshine them, VitaCapitals will not process your withdrawals.

VitaCapitals further claims that they are cost-effective and their solutions are tailored to every clients’ needs.

They suggest that Vita Capitals is a no conflict of interest broker that teams up with exchanges and custodian banks to guarantee deep liquidity.

If we were to believe this statement, it would take scrutiny of their Forex broker’s license. Unfortunately, VitaCapitals is neither licensed nor regulated. This puts your money at risk because such brokers don’t have a responsibility of protecting your money. Even if they steal it, they risk absolutely nothing. Review: Overview of the platform

The background of this Forex and CFDs broker remains mysterious. The company is not registered anywhere. Maybe it has never been registered before.

We are beginning to doubt their physical address too because if the website is lying about a non existent company, then chances are that their address is also false.

Vita Capitals has a simple website design in general. All the important pages are also within reach. But you can clearly see that the their regulatory license is missing in the footer.

This is the number one reason why we disqualified VitaCapitals from the word go.

Vita Capitals trading platform

The trading platform is quite user-friendly. Other than Forex pairs, the company offers commodities, Stocks, Indices and Crypto.

We also realized that this broker is offering the largest selection of stocks for trading. Their clients can trade argriculture stocks and ETFs.

The Crypto market remains open 24/7 and we also saw that VitaCapitals is enabling access to this market on the weekends.

This is not an MT4 or MT5 trading platform. It is a proprietary trading platform which can disappoint users of MT4 and MT5 software.

In our opinion, we don’t have any problem with the trading platform. We see that it has all the basic features and functions of the MetaQuotes trading platform, and this is all that is needed to succeed in trading.

VitaCapitals minimum deposit, leverage, spreads and account types

The minimum deposit is 250 euros. This can be deposited via MasteCard or Visa. Spread start at 1.0 pips, which is fair enough considering that other brokers are charging a minimum of 1.5 pips on major pairs.

The broker allows a leverage of up to 1:500, which is quite high but only sufficient if you know what you’re doing.

They offer multiple account types to suit individuals with various needs.

What if you have been scammed by this broker?

The fact that Vita Capitals is offering a user-friendly trading platform does not mean that you will have a good trading experience. In fact, your awful experience will be marked by inability to reach support (since all emails are bouncing) as well as deliberate refusal to process withdrawal of profits.

You can see one quote from an unfortunate victim below:

It’s a SCAM! It’s a SCAM! When you want to withdraw money, there’s no way to contact them; email comes back; nobody answers the phone; the chat form in the platform doesn’t work. In the beginning, the manager – Robert Grossman (perhaps a fake name?) – called every day; consulted on how to do trading – doing all he could to trick us into investing our savings. And then simply disappeared.

Daf, Trust Pilot

A legit broker should not refuse to give you what belongs to you. They should also maintain all communication channels open. There is nothing as frustrating as having invested a lot of money into a website whose support is ignoring you.

Fortunately, you can now recover your lost funds by filling up the form above or live chating with a professional. This will help you get your money back.

The Conclusion

VitaCapitals is a pathetic Forex and CFDs broker that is run by skilled scammers. If you invest the 250 euro (which is the minimum deposit required), your money will be gone because their modas operandi is same as that of CDG Global, Stallion Capital and City Index.

We plead with you to ignore these thieves.