Review: Is VIP Signals Trade Scam?

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Welcome to the review.

This Crypto signals vendor trades on Binance, Bitmex and Kucoin respectively. They claim that all trading results have been shared on their public Telegram channel.

VIP Signals Trade proclaims 250%+ profits in a week, giving away premium quality Crypto currency trading signals.

These Crypto signals attract a one-time subscription fee of $300. This fee is paid in BTC, ETH or BCH.

Additionally, claims that they only provide high quality and unique signals from their expert traders.

They claim that Vip Signals Trade is managed by a team of Crypto investors and traders. Details of the alleged investors and traders have never been published on the sales page.

On the other hand, they want investors to believe that their technical analysis is so accurate that earning from their Crypto signals will be a guarantee.

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They make bold promises on the entire sales page and we think their proclamations are too good to be true.

Take a look at the following:

Our members are able to increase their profits by hundreds of percent.

Crypto traders are definitely going to be interested in this service if they come across their ads on Google.

However, the sophisticated investor is going to look for a second opinion and a review like this one will offer the much needed information regarding the service. review

VIP Signals Trade appears to be targeting naive investors because no losses or potential for losses is mentioned throughout the entire sales page.

Vip Signals Trade review

The Crypto signal vendor is advertising returns of up to 2,000% in a month posting between 10 to 15 signals every day.

It is like all of these signals make money for them and their members. We’re not sure why their advertised returns are so high and unrealistic.

Their website does not provide information regarding the trading strategies used by VIP Signals Trade. Instead, they say that their trading involves fundamental and technical analysis.

This information is so generic that it can barely provide any useful insights into how signals are generate for trading.

A signal vendor that advertises jaw-dropping returns is typical of a scam, and so traders should treat this web page with a bit of caution before investing the $300 in subscription.’s Telegram channel can be found at @CryptoLorddd. Trials are also available but for premium Crypto signals, the vendor requires a one time payment of $300.

They claim that this payment is very affordable compared to the profits that members will make if they join their Telegram channel.

It is easy to make these claims while randomly quoting profit figures.

However, proving that the signals make money can be a daunting task especially to a vendor who uses marketing fluff with no meaningful insights into their trading style.

Why VIP Signals Trade is potentially a scam

We love recommending signal vendors who can provide insights into their trading methodology while supporting their alleged success with independently verified trading results.

Unfortunately, majority of the so-called Crypto experts are shying away from getting it right and when we look at their pattern of operation, we feel that they’re dubious.

A good example of a website claiming to invest Cryptocurrencies on behalf of its clients is known as AI Day Trading Crypto Fund.

If you read their review, you’ll see that they’re actually corny based on the reasons we’ve listed in that review.

VIP Signals Trade lacks transparency and that’s the first concern we have against them.

While the fee is set at $300 for lifetime VIP membership, we believe that this is too good to be true. There is no way you can enjoy truly profitable trading signals for life just for paying $300.

It does not make sense!

Therefore, the signals are possibly money-losers and the vendor’s job is to scam traders by asking for that fee and moving on to the next victim.

Secondly, there’s no verified trading results to support their claim that VIP Signals Trade is offering truly profitable signals.

They want traders to visit their Telegram channel so that they can view the results posted therein.

Telegram is not the best platform for viewing results posted by supposed traders. Those results can easily be edited before they can be posted.

There’s also the danger of cherry-picking trades so that new clients can only see winners and not losers.

We believe viewing trading results posted on Telegram is the quickest way to get deceived.

Also, does not disclose their trading strategy yet they keep announcing abnormal profit figures.

We need them to provide some information on how trading is done. Unfortunately, there not willing to disclose this information either.

This completes the matter even further because professional traders have nothing to fear when it comes to describing how they make money from the Cryptocurrency market.

Conclusion is definitely a scam if any of the reasons above are anything to go by.

Additionally, we have not seen any meaningful feedback regarding the service they offer.

BitcoinTalk forum has some feedback but these are mainly from curious traders wondering whether VIP Signals is truly profitable.

We’re unable to recommend this signal provider at this time as we feel it will be a huge loss to traders investing $300.

Thanks for reading the Vip Signals Trade review.

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