Vestigo Finance Review: An Investment Scam?

Vestigo finance Ltd is a UK incorporated company that claims to provide professional financial advisory services.

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Their website was registered in July 2020, and it’s highly unlikely that they will compete with more established fund managers in this industry.

The company claims that revenue is generated from trading of Forex, Stocks and Commodities like Oil and Gas.

In addition to this, Vestigo finance Ltd claims that they’re investing their clients’ funds in real estate.

The minimum investment required to participate in the Vestigo finance portfolio management service is $3,000.

There is no disclosure of who owns or runs this company. No information about company executives either.

Vestigo finance review

However, their marketing materials proclaim that the team has a decade of experience, has won “38 awards” and the number of “trusted investors” is clicking 10 million plus.

As if this is not enough, the website is stating that they have 500 experts. We’re not sure who the experts are and what their level of experience is.

Equally, it’s hard to tell what titles they’re holding in this company. The statement is unverifiable.

Could Vestigo finance Ltd turn to be a complex ponzi scheme hiding behind the idea of money management?

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Vestigo Finance review

The company’s website contains basic highlights of the service and reasons they believe we should invest with them.

These include reasons to do with “competent professionals”, “superior service” and competitive pricing.

According to the company’s marketing materials, investors will gain exposure to a wide variety of assets including market sectors.

Their goal is to supposedly maximum returns while reducing potential loss.

This is not the first time we read such a statement on the internet as there are hundreds of similar companies that make these proclamations.

Whether or not they deliver is something worth discussing especially for a company like Vestigo finance Ltd which appears to have started on a high note.

Vestigo finance Ltd and investment plans

The service is providing 8 investment plans in total.

The last 4 “investment plans” are of interest because this is where the company proclaims to generate a ROI of 120% in 7 days.

One of the investment plans offered by Vestigo finance Ltd proclaim to generate 15% monthly return for 3 years.

This is allegedly meant for retirement and they want you to start with at least $10k.

Other investment plans are allegedly targeting blockchain ETFs, Commodities and Renewable energy.

In short, this is a get-rich-quick sort of investing. If the most basic plan can generate 13% weekly, we would be generating 52% monthly.

Now, even the best fund managers out there don’t record this sort of success.

The question is whether Vestigo finance is really trading their customer’s money in the financial markets.

What you probably don’t know

There are several cues that you can get from perusing the website of this supposed fund manager.

First of all, they are accepting payment in Wire Transfer and Bitcoin. While this should not be relied on solely for determining the credibility of an investment operation, we tend to see many fraudulent “investment schemes” relying heavily on wire transfer and Bitcoin payments.

Secondly, this company does not disclose ownership information. In fact, they score poorly in terms of transparency.

So the reason they’re hiding is quite obvious. They have a second agenda, which the financially desperate may not know.

The third reason why you may not want to risk your money here is because this company clearly operates in the UK but is not recognized by the FCA.

The FCA is the main financial regulator that guides the operations of companies that offer financial services to residents of the UK.

If they are not licensed, then Vestigo finance is simply illegal and it is forbidden to participate in any “investment program” they peddle.

Also, the only reason a company providing financial service is not willing to attain an FCA license is because they are a fly-by-night operation and a scam.

Other reasons that give them away is the fact that Vestigo finance’s 10 year experience is unverifiable.

Their “testimonials” can only be found on the website of Vestigo finance Ltd but nowhere else.

It is common logic that one cannot post a negative testimonial on their website even if they received an email from an agitated customer.

This will remain a secret. On the other hand, they will be more than happy to post fraudulently produced testimonials.

What if scams you?

There are many services on the internet claiming to provide legitimate scam recovery services.

I’ve eliminated most of them for finding evidence that they are indeed a scam with the exception of this company.


Vestigo finance does not provide proof of revenue generation through trading of the money markets.

Anyone who joins this company must be prepared to deal with the hustles of a ponzi scheme.

If the owner of Vestigo finance ltd will ever pay the stated ROI, they will be doing so to gain the trust of a naïve investor so they can probably “upgrade” to the next big plan.

This would mean more money for the anonymous site owner.

When revenue is not coming from trading activities, obviously it will come from new deposits.

Currently, the site does not receive any significant traffic.

In fact, by my estimates, I see that they barely get 40 visits per day.

This is a very low number and marketers know they can’t convert with this kind of traffic.

What does this mean?

It means that when you send money to, you are agreeing to be scammed with no chance of these guys ever returning your investment.

Thanks for reading, till next time.

One Response to Vestigo Finance Review: An Investment Scam?

  1. Padre Pietro says:

    This site is fake. They tricked me into investing $3000 with their crest plan investment package of 13% every week for 3months. After 3months my dashboard recorded $7680 available, so my interest is $4680. I wanted to withdraw which was not possible. they told me to upgrade my account to gold to be able to withdraw my investment returns, so I had to send another $3000 to get upgraded to gold at least I thought I still have $1680 interest. But yet I was not able to withdraw and when I contacted them again, they requested more money for me to be able to have full access to my initial deposit and interest. I can’t pay any more money and I can’t get my money from their system. Please help me

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