VarietyFX Review: This Forex Broker is a Scam


In this VarietyFX review, we will prove to you that the broker is a scam that you should avoid.

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Is VarietyFX a legit broker? is not a legitimate Forex and CFDs broker and this is why you should not do any business with them.

The broker is also operating a second website called Even though this website has a different name, they still call it VarietyFX which is the reason we are convinced that this website belongs to this particular broker.

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The main problem with this broker is that they are not properly regulated. We can say that their regulatory status is quite shady.

For example, they claim to be regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. This is an offshore location that is known to host a lot of scammers in the financial industry.

There are no strong regulations and even the financial watchdogs in these regions don’t really enforce regulations. This is why scammers have a lot of leeway to do what they do best.

For that reason, VarietyFX is also on the blacklist of UK financial regulator. The FCA has warned that dealing with Variety FX is likely to cause massive losses for clients.

In short, this broker is not authorized to provide financial services to residents of the UK and to some extent, all people across the world.

Are your funds safe with VarietyFX broker?

The broker is not licensed and definitely not willing to be transparent with their clients. That is why the website has failed to disclose company and its owners’ details.

Transferring your funds to an offshore broker is the worst thing you can do because these people don’t keep their clients’ funds in segregated accounts.

VarietyFX also claims that they have insured their clients with up to $1,000,000 but this is a lie. The only proof for this kind of insurance is when a broker is properly regulated.

Variety FX Review: The Conclusion

Avoid this broker at all cost because they are a high-risk. They are very likely to scam you, therefore making you go through a very bad experience.

However, if they have scammed you, do not hesitate to follow this guide on how to RECOVER YOUR FUNDS FROM A SCAM BROKER.

Thank you for reading this review.

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