Van Tharp Institute Review: Is Van K Tharp a Scam? -

Van Tharp Institute Review: Is Van K Tharp a Scam?

Welcome to the Van Tharp Institute review.

Van Tharp is a trading school offering a smorgasbord of trading products and services.

It is the Walmart of books and live trading workshops just like Base Camp Trading.

A workshop can cost as much as $12,995 but the shocking thing is the huge number of financially-desperate people looking for the holy grail trading strategy that Dr Van Tharp offers.

Dr. Tharp touts wealth, freedom and peace to traders and investors alike. In addition to this, he is also providing free Van Tharp books on the official website and also on Amazon.

The Super Trader program focuses on trader awareness which is basically a mystic way of approaching trading.

It is like superstition or a magic learning procedure where students are hypnotized and made to believe that this is why some traders are successful while majority are failures.

There’s free email coaching, free course, free books, free test, free games and many more free resources.

This is basically a way to attract more students into the trading school.

Van Tharp’s emphasis in on more products and not practical live trading. In fact, there’s no live trading at all, just workshops costing thousands of dollars.

Van Tharp PhD manages the following social media pages:




Van Tharp Institute Review

What does Van Tharp really offer?

He offers lessons with free simulation. That means someone is teaching based on a trading simulator and people are losing an arm and a leg to get into this class.

van tharp institute review

He teaches about position sizing, risk-reward, average profit and loss and many other things.

The goal is to help a trader become a better and more prepared trader. He claims that he can help traders improve their profitability but that is just how far it can go.

It gets interesting how Van Tharp is making money by selling dozens of live workshop seminars on trading.

There’s a workshop for literally anything.

I’ll cover most of them below:

Super Trader Exclusive events ………$12,995

Oneness awakening workshop………$495

Peak performance 101 workshop…….$2,295

Peak performance 202 workshop…….$3,295

Peak Combo January 2020……$5,090

Systems Thinking workshop……$2,295

Blueprint for trading success……$2,295

How to develop winning trading systems that fit you…….$$2295

February combo 202……..up to $4590

Forex trading systems……..$3,295

Forex : 2 days of live trading and 1 day of Crypto training…..$2,500

Forex trading systems plus live and Crypto……….. $5,795

Peak performance 101 workshop May 2020………..$2,295

Peak Performance 203: avoiding self-sabotage by following your bliss…….$3,295

Peak performance 101 203 combo May 2020…….$5,090

Infinite Wealth Workshop……..$2,995

Adaptive swing trading systems…….$3,295

And many more…….

In addition to this, there are many e-learning materials costing anywhere between $34 to $1,778.

By now, you should agree with me that the core focus of Van Tharp is to sell as many educational items as possible.

The question is when does Tharp get to live trade and make money through a live trading account?

This question requires me to send an email to inquire whether or not a live trading record even exits.

Yes, I know that he is a PhD holder. But trading is no respecter of titles. Many supposed trading gurus who are professors cannot make money consistently from trading.

But they can certainly make lots of money if they decide to sell trading education because somehow people believe that a PhD holder who talks about trading certainly knows trading.

The issue is to try and figure out what is the motive of producing dozens of trading products and pushing them to the market with the aggressiveness of a salesman.

It is one thing to learn about trading but it’s quite another to actually become a consistently profitable trader.

If you have traded Forex, Futures or stocks for a certain length of time, you’ll agree that this is the absolute truth.

Van Tharp Institute review

A simple Google search reveals that this trading institute is a physical premise based on this physical address:

102 Commonwealth Ct Suite A, Cary, NC 27511, United States.


Students or traders who want to call them can reach them through +1 919-466-0043.

There are two Van Tharp Institute reviews from people who have rated this company based on the quality of seminars and the great surrounding environment.

But the bottom line is always the bottom line……..

Are the people leaving reviews about this trading school honest about their trading journey with regards to trading and making money from a live brokerage account?

I have certainly not heard of any one of these people stating that they spent several thousands of dollars on Van Tharp Institute trading workshops and are now happily making money as professional traders.

All they’re saying is that Mr Tharp is offering them an “exciting learning experience”.

My question is what is the use of spending thousands of dollars on an “exciting learning experience” if that knowledge cannot help you make real money on a live account.

Is it about learning and feeling good about it or going to a live account and actually grabbing the money from the market consistently?

May be am getting it all wrong but common sense demands that we should get back all we’ve spent on a trading educational course by actually using a live account to make money.

One of the workshops offered by Van Tharp takes students through a 2 day trading session on a live account.

If I were those students, I would request a workshop that takes us through a 1 month trading session on a live account because I know very well that even a novice trader can trade so well on a live account if it is just a matter of trading for two days.

But I certainly don’t expect an internet marketer or fake trading guru to do so well in a space of one month.

What people have never understood is that it is so easy to talk about trading and even write books about trading. But it is so difficult to actually trade and make money from trading.

That’s why there are so many fake trading gurus selling a smorgasbord of trading products and earning a living from their sales and not from trading.

So the question is where exactly does Van K. Tharp PhD lie?


With no trading record to show students but dozens of trading products to peddle, I would be wary to spend even a dime on any of those workshops or e-learning materials.

There are some Van Tharp Institute reviews here and there but one thing you’ll realize is that none of the people leaving their reviews behind will ever justify their reasons for paying thousands of dollars besides telling you that the courses are good.

Superstition in trading never works. Super Trader program by Van Tharp is basically superstition and the shocking thing is the number of people who think this program teaches some magical trading secrets.

With dozens of books and workshops to sell for thousands of dollars, one may wonder whether Van Tharp has any record of profitable live trading even if it’s for a month.

The only thing that seems to qualify him is the fact that he has a PhD and has published many books on trading that can be obtained for free on the internet.

But your time is also precious. You have to ask yourself whether you’re willing to spend time searching for the knowledge that is increasingly elusive or change your approach to trading.

I would trust a trading educator with a live profitable trading account. I would believe a trading educator that sells few products while concentrating on trading and not selling.

But I would certainly not be so foolish to trust a trading educator when it’s so clear that he’s greedy for money and he is basically making his money from selling trading products and not trading.

If he can’t do well in trading, he certainly can’t teach me how to become a successful trader. Isn’t it?

Thanks for reading the Van Tharp Institute review.

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