V12 Trading Review: Is v12trading.com Scam or Legit?

Today’s review focuses on V12 Trading, a signal provider guaranteeing +3,500 pips monthly and claiming that their subscribers are in the top 5% category of successful traders.

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V12 Trading runs a Telegram channel at t.me/v12tradingfree with 2,000 members and we suspect that this is where signals are dispatched for copy-pasting.

The success rate of V12 Trading signals is allegedly at 88%. We find this figure quite absurd because we are absolutely sure of the fact that V12Trading does not have a verifiable trading history.

We’re sure that the trading community is currently looking for reviews of this signal provider to establish whether their profitability claims can be substantiated or not.

V12 Trading Review

The vendor’s website is brief and straight to the point. The presentation is not overwhelming unlike signal providers such as Smart Forex Trades, WorldFXak ltd, SignalsPro.net and many others.

However, we don’t know who owns or runs this operation yet. The trader or team of traders behind V12 Trading have not been introduced to the community. We hope this is something the vendor will work on soon if they want to gain a star in any professional review. As it currently stands, this does not inspire any trust.

They also claim that the site is managed by “expert traders” with 6 years of experience.

V12 Trading review

According to V12 Trading promotion material, it is impossible to succeed in Forex trading without the help of an expert. They also tell traders that only bankers, professional traders and those who use a signal service like V12Trading make money. We obviously can’t agree with then last statement.

We should probably start by looking at the date in which the site was created to estimate their trading experience. According to who.is, V12trading.com was registered in October 2019. It is really difficult to account for the alleged 6 years of experience because even their site is less than a year old.

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We would have appreciated it very much if the vendor provided their profiles for purposes of verifying their trading background and experience.

The vendor did not disclose where they’re sending signals from. We believe this information is important to disclose for purposes of letting consumers plan which trading sessions will be ideal for their schedule.

If a signal vendor sends signals at midnight for example, those who go to bed early will definitely miss them.

So either V12 trading should disclose the location of their traders or let us know the times in which they post signals on Telegram.

V12 Trading Review: overview of the services offered by this vendor

Looking at their signal plans, we see that these guys are trading Forex, Oil, Gold, Indices and Crypto.

Their signals come with entry price, stop loss and 3 take profit levels. This is to mean that the vendor is using trailing stops for maximum profit taking.

All their signal packages promise between 2000 To 7000 pips per month where 4 to 12 signal alerts will be sent out daily. In addition to this, they provide V12 Trading strategy and risk management.

They did not go into details regarding their trading strategy and risk management approach.

We expected them to elaborate further because these are the fundamentals of successful trading.

They’re also promising to engage traders in a 500€ To 1,000.000€ Challenge. Again, details of this challenge are scanty. Traders don’t know what to expect with this challenge. Basically, there are no terms and conditions.

Cost of the 3 signal packages

[tabs][tab title=”1 VIP Month”]€49[/tab] [tab title=”3 VIP Months”]€119[/tab] [tab title=”1 VIP Year”]€349[/tab][/tabs]

If you deposit €250 with a broker called BDSwiss, you get their yearly package free of charge.

This basically means that the signal vendor is taking advantage of the commissions they earn when they refer traders to BDswiss. We don’t know how legit this broker is but either way, you can lose money if V12 Trading signals are really bad. It makes no difference.

V12 Trading Review: Trading performance

They’re selling a VIP trading experience with no track record of success. So paying for their signals is the first thing that traders will avoid.

If they are truly successful as they claim, they should have no problem setting up a myfxbook account and tracking their trading activities. This is the most efficient way to post results.

We don’t believe vendors who state that they have earned a certain number of pips or that they have a certain win rate. We need to see a vendor walk the talk.


This is the very first review and we hope you’ll find it an ideal platform to air your opinion and grievances regarding this signal vendor’s services.

However, from the bottom of our hearts, we are convinced that V12 Trading is not offering any profitable signals.

They’re just collecting subscription money and wasting your time. If they were profitable, they would have gone an extra mile to prove so. We feel that this is yet another dubious signal vendor.

Thanks for reading our V12trading review. You can find a good signal vendor by visiting this page.

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