UOP FX Review (Unit Of Prosperity FX Academy) Scam

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UOP FX aka Unit of Prosperity FX Academy claims to provide a “proven work-from-home business” where our income will skyrocket, thanks to earnings of $1K per day with zero experience!

This sort of sales pitch will excite beginners about the Forex market but for us, we know these claims are unsubstantiated.

We prefer that our readers should invest with people who have a verifiable truck record instead of gambling with get-rich-quick Forex schemes.

In fact, UOPFX.com website is making several other unverifiable claims in the sales pitch where it promises the following advantages if we buy their product (monthly membership is $125).

  • A quick solution to escaping the 9-5 rat race.
  • Financial freedom and ability to live the kind of lifestyle that many people dream of
  • An investment of $25 making us several thousands of dollars in a couple of days (up to 100K annually)
  • No past experience or special skills needed

The official website of UOP FX is aesthetically pleasing and the landing page is properly done with all the basic information in order.

The founder of UOPFX.com (Unit of Prosperity) is called Reginald Stinson. Further investigations reveal that he is based in Nashville, United States.

He does not have a corporate address for the Unit of Prosperity business, so this is likely ran from his apartment.

We’re not able to establish what kind of experience Mr. Reginald Stinson has as a Forex trader

However, his ReginaldStinson.com website suggests that he is an internet marketer and not a trader.

This discovery is rather awkward because according to the confident sales pitch in the UOP FX website, one would think Mr. Stinson is a professional Forex trader.

In addition to this, Stinson wants us to purchase the product first before we can ask questions. So there is no contact email whatsover.

Apart from this, he promises 24/7 support. Generally this is not how things are done in the Forex product marketplace.

uop fx unit of prosperity review

So we find this website rather weird from the word go.

UOP FX Review

While the selling is too much, the vendor is also reminding us of the core features of the products and services they offer.

These include 70 training videos, 2 weekly coaching sessions, a Forex signals app, an expert advisor, trade manager, PRZ scanner, Elliot wave pro, UOP FX Scalper King EA, Sweet Box Fib tool, Hybrid trading system and access to the community.

We will focus on some of the products above to let you know whether your membership with this service would be worthwhile.

Unit of Prosperity (the Forex trading academy)

Here, Mr. Stinson is offering 9 training modules and promises super huge profits in a few days (if traders go through the modules).

We do not know why Stinson is always insisting in making big money in a few days of using his service. It makes the service come across as a get-rich-quick scheme and even misleading.

These training modules include tutorials on Forex basics, TradingView as well as inform for intermediate and advanced traders.

At the moment, I can’t verify the usefulness of this training material because no examples have been provided.

I do hope that the vendor will include real-world samples of what they teach for purposes of verifying the effectiveness of the course.

About UOP FX Sniper Pro

The UOP FX Sniper Pro is a tool that lets traders set pending orders in the market and of course it comes with features like news filter as well as multiple directional functions.

About UOP FX Scalp King EA

Stinson says this Forex robot has “cutting-edge price action algorithm”. It was also designed with news filter function and a feature that uses advanced cost averaging to manage losses.

However, the sales page lacks verifiable trading results that proves that this EA is actually effective.

Overall consensus about Unit of Prosperity

The sales page lacks strategy insights and so we can’t tell how their EA and indicators or market scammers work.

We hope this information will be included in the future because as it is, UOP FX cannot compete with more established services in the Forex marketplace.

Trading results

When a vendor makes absurd earning claims from the word go, it usually means they are trying to make up for their lack of trading results.

Indeed Unit of Prosperity lacks verifiable trading results. The only thing they can show us are videos of “customers” and their supposed Telegram conversations.

Being that Mr. Stinson has a strong background in internet marketing, we generally expect him to leverage on his skill to convince a portion of his visitors who are oblivious of this fact.

All in all, we didn’t see documented results from a trusted platform like myfxbook.com. We didn’t expect results anyway because this vendor was busy claiming to provide an opportunity to generate thousands of dollars.


The sales page of UOP FX comes across as one that spews one lie after the other.

In fact, what they are selling is considered financial snake oil because the reality of trading Forex is quite different.

We do not expect a newbie to make 100K yearly from Forex trading. They will automatically lose money especially when they insist on making thousands of dollars per day.

For this vendor to win the trust of traders, they must change their sales pitch and also provide verifiable trading resuts.

They must not provide us with fake videos of people who were hired to praise the service.

That is all we want to say for now. However, if you have some experience with this service, let us know in the comment section.

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