Universy Invest Review: Unregulated Broker

Universy Invest refused to disclose ownership information or address where they operate this illegal business from.

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According to this domain snooping tool, Universyinvest.com was registered in September 2022.

As usual, Universy Invest is a CFDs broker. CFDs (Contract for Difference) are highly controversial instruments as “brokers” offer them but won’t confess that they’re trading against their customers and making them lose money in the process.

How to get back your funds from Universy Invest

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Universy Invest review

It’s interesting that this broker is claiming to offer Straight through processing trading platform when in the real sense they’re just market makers.

A market maker is a broker that offers a trading simulator to their users instead of the real thing.

Each time you execute a trade, the broker will be busy on the other end trading against you and making your life difficult.

These folks never put your trades through the licensed global exchanges where you can compete fairly with other market participants.

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Universy Invest also claims that they will assign a “personal account manager” to their traders.

This is the beginning of the problem though. The so-called “personal account managers” are well-trained sales people with marketing acumen.

The aim of these “personal account managers” is to convince you to deposit money into their shady platform as quickly as possible.

Once they’ve squeezed the life out of your bank account and have no chances of getting more money from you, that’s when you’ll stop hearing from them.

Universy Invest is an unregulated broker

It does not matter how professional or convincing this broker sounds like. If they’re missing out on the fundamentals, then chances are that the company is a scam.

Universy Invest does not and will not assure safety of your funds.

In fact, the moment money leaves your bank account, it goes straight to the company’s bank account instead of a segregated account.

What this means is that this broker can use your funds for their operations because there’s no clear system that distinguishes company funds from customers’ money.

Furthermore, this broker is clearly breaking the law without flinching.

The only way a broker can run its business in this manner is when they’re based in an offshore location where regulations don’t matter.

This broker’s actions against your funds don’t attract consequences anyway.

This is why Universy Invest is also targeting victims from strongly regulated markets like the US.

We have also noted that the broker’s website does not have terms and conditions.

This is unprofessional. It’s risky to the consumer. Scammers generally operate like this because their intention is not to provide you with a legit trading environment.

Wrapping it up

It’s difficult to justify why a broker would operate without a license.

Equally, these guys can’t give us any valid reasons as to why they’re hiding details of their company, physical address and people who run the affairs of the website.

This is clearly an illegal outfit presenting a “trading platform” as a tool for harvesting funds from the financially unsophisticated.

Do not use Universy Invest as they are a scam broker.

If they stole your money, you can always initiate a chargeback against them.

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