Universal Trading Group Review(Forex Signals Pro Scam)

Universal Trading Group offers a service known as Forex Signals Pro.

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The cost of this service is $99 monthly and the signals in question are supposed to have an 87% win rate, 400 to 800 pips monthly in addition to webinars and coaching.

Universal Trading Group, through its Forex Signals Pro service, are guaranteeing consistent guaranteed profits.

The service is allegedly owned and operated by Lee Capital Investments.

Lee Capital Investments is based in the US (35 Fisher Avenue Brookline, MA 02445 United States) though official website is not known.

Universal Trading Group is currently using Google ads to reach an audience with their too good to be true signal service.

It is not likely that you’ll get an 87% win rate from this service.

Is Universal Trading Group legit?

To answer this question, we need to look at how they present their service to traders.

Universal Trading Group forex signals pro review

They claim that we can master technical analysis through their service.

They’re also showing us Telegram “Profits” which is not proof of consistency or profitability as these results are easily manipulated.

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This Forex signals service is also running a trading room and if the quality of service is bad, nothing will change the fact that the trading room is a waste of time.

There’s no verified performance report on their website. Forex Signals Pro does not even have a myfxbook account where they can show the 87% win rate results.

Therefore, in our sound judgement, we believe that this signal service is not legit.

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Universal Trading Group is relying on marketing tactics to convince traders, not numbers to showcase their success.

It is impossible for us to believe that they can help us achieve consistent profits.

What we need is a myfxbook account where we can analyze the performance of Forex Signals Pro service.

Otherwise, we don’t recommend this service at this time.

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  1. Chris says:

    Forex signals pro changed my life. They have a free trial so I would suggest to try and see for yourself, instead of going off of someones opinion who hasn’t even tried the services.

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