United Investment Venture Review: A Scam (uivcorps.com)

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A company known as United Investment Venture Corporation is claiming to provide financial services on its website.

The domain of this suspicious website is uivcorps.com. The operations of this company is in United Arab Emirates and they’re targeting investors from all across the world.

We’ve noted that United Investment Venture Corporation is a risky company to invest in. Actually the website uivcorps.com is showing multiple red flags that we cannot ignore.

Here are reasons why we strongly believe this is yet another middle east investment scam.

United Investment Venture review

United Investment Venture Corporation (uivcorps.com) review

The scam is operating just like Taqaseem Investment which is another scam based in the middle east.

Specifically uivcorps.com is luring people who are in need of financial planning, advisory and asset management services.

They also claim that this company has been around since 2005. We checked to verify whether this was true and realized that it’s yet another big fat lie.

The website uivcorps.com has only been around since April 2022.

The reason they peddle such lies is because they want to create an impression that their company is established, well-known and reputable.

By doing so, they hope to win your trust. But in the real sense if you do your due diligence, you will catch them pants down since it’s easy to find out the exact age of a website and company.

Why United Investment Venture is actually a scam that you should not give a chance

This company thrives on lies. The first lie on their website is that they are registered and regulated by the local Capital markets authority.

We check each and every detail they give us on their website. So in this case, it turns out that the financial regulator doesn’t even know about the existence of this scam. You can check for yourself here.

This is just an attempt by the scammers to feign legitimacy and make you think that United Investment Venture is a reputable and respected company.

You should never trust a company that claims to offer financial services when they don’t hold a valid license from the authorities. They’re mostly scams.

A red flag that is not so obvious on the uivcorps.com website

If you browse the website of this company, you will find that important pages or links are not working.

For example, the footer of the website has links to the about, contact and services pages. None of these links are working.

When a website claims to offer asset management services but it is not keen on the quality of the website, just know that this is a scam.

United Investment Venture Corporation is not an incorporated company

There’s no evidence that this company is even registered in the said location.

Since they have a pattern of lying to vistors who come to their website, you should be quite sure that everything they tell you is not trustworthy.

The company isn’t registered and the people who run it are also anonymous. No one knows the leadership structure of this company as identities are hidden.

Conclusion of this uivcorps.com review

Keep in mind that crooks can be very creative. A typical investor doing their due diligence may request for the company’s portfolio. However, these scammers will gladly produce a fake one.

Even the pictures on the United Investment Venture Corporation website are stock photos.

If you make any kind of contact with these criminals, they will bombard you with calls.

The purpose of these calls is to convince you to invest so that you can change your life for a better tomorrow. Don’t believe them.

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