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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is a token presale ponzi scheme where investors are promised that the business will launch to full scale in February 2021.

It is advisable that you invest through trading the money markets or using managed trading accounts where your assets are managed by an experienced hedge fund manager.

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Anyway, Investors of this ponzi scheme can “secure” their positions now if they sign up for the UniGoldex program for just $1.

Also, upon signing up, they will receive free 50 UDGX tokens which the company claims is equivalent to $100.

Additionally, platform is claiming that they will give out +300% stake profit for any investment.

The program runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has up to 12 matrix levels.

Basically, this platform is a copy-paste of Bitnamix ponzi scheme.

Lately, ponzi schemes are utilizing the blockchain platform to scam investors. As always, fraudsters know that majority of people out there do not understand how blockchain technology works.

unigoldex review

In this case, I do not see what prevents the scammer from collecting funds into his personal Ethereum wallet and probably doing a runner as soon as he gets enough. review: Is this Legit?

UniGoldex does not introduce any member of the admin team. The website was registered anonymously in July 2020 as most ponzi schemes would rather keep a low profile.

The website is done in poor grammar which suggests the owner is probably from Russia or those non-English speaking countries where most ponzi schemes come from.

Marketing materials on this website highlight commission payment system and some “advantages” associated with utilizing this program.

Some of the things listed on this website include:

  • Zero risk factor
  • Transparency and anonymity
  • Immutability
  • Transaction surety

Remember that does not have retailable products or services. All revenue which finds its way into this platform has to come from new member deposits.

According to the stats on the website, 10 partners in your network will make you $142 013.

However, 798 partners make $93 689 only.

Commission levels are dubbed X3, X4, X8 and Single Leg Monoline. In X3 matrix level, the website claims that revenue is generated from online advertising.

Partner commission is instantly paid in their respective ETH wallets.

The truth about Unigoldex

There is no evidence that Unigoldex is generating revenue through online advertising.

Commission is money that must be generated from somewhere, not thin air.

Unfortunately, the only proof that we have is that this platform is intending to generate revenue from new member deposits.

Bare in mind that it costs nothing to create UDGX tokens. That is why the platform is willing to give away 50 UDGX tokens which they claim is worth $100.

This token is currently not listed in any exchange. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine the true value of the token.

This simply means it is a useless token but somehow, the website intends to collects real money in exchange for the bogus token.

In short, investors are going to be scammed because they are buying tokens which have zero value.


By now, it is clear that revenue that goes into this project comes from investor deposits and nowhere else.

With this in mind, it simply means the anonymous owner of the site may decide to run away once they have generated enough money.

There is no telling whether commissions will be paid and that compensation structure is in the ETH blockchain.

This is just a trick to make naïve investors think that their money is safe. As an investor, your money is not safe the moment you send it from your personal ETH wallet to another individual’s ETH wallet.

In short, is a clever ponzi scheme!

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