Review: The Swift Profit Investment Scam

Welcome to the UAEFX review. is offering managed trading accounts through a software they call the Swift Profit Investment aka SPI.

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The Swift Profit Investment service appears to have another name as the UaeFx website occasionally refers to it as the Server Point Indicator.

According to the UAEFX website, the SPI software is licensed, endorsed and approved by Forex exchange brokers.

The SPI is supposedly being used by investment firms, corporate trading bodies as well as individual traders.

The UAE FX website is claiming that they’re trading professionally and making profits from trading.

The vendor is actually listing a couple of advantages associated with using the SPI software. One of them being, “guaranteed profits”.

UAEFX also declares on their website’s homepage that they’re the “most professional and objective platform for options trading strategies as well as in Forex, binary options and stocks”.

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They’re marketing UAEFX as an auto-trade investment service and also providing a number of subscription plans.

The domain was created in February 2019. It’s not clear what trading or software development experience they have.

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Uaefx review

In addition to this, the people who run the SPI trading service are virtually anonymous. No names or address have been provided.

They’ve only left their phone contact on the website. Investors can either call +971 58 969 1588 or write an email to their admins.

From the name UAEFX, we believe that this investment operation is based in Dubai.

Before you reach out for your wallet with the intention of “investing”, you need to find out what our UAEFX review is saying about the “opportunity”.

UAEFX review

This website’s design reminds us of binary options trading scams. It reminds us of scams like BJF Trading Group, King Quant LLC, SuperForex bot and many other corny ones.

The interface of the software would have auto-trading and manual trading options and a bunch of indicators to use.

The corny vendors would then make the victim to believe that if they used the features and options available, they would become overnight millionaires.

UAEfx is seemingly following this direction, which makes it a very suspicious website to start with.

They’re currently offering 3 different types of products and services and we find that their explanation is not very convincing.

The following products are offered by UAEfx:

  • Swift Profit Investment Service (SPIS): trade management team will handle your investments.
  • Server Point Indicator (SPI): A trading indicator controlled by UAEfx which can miraculously generate $30,000 in 14 days.
  • New Trading System: The “first multi dimensional trading system” that has a win rate of 92%.

Additionally, UAEfx claims that their SPI software has produced “amazing results” since the year 2002.

This would be a plausible statement due to the fact that the domain was registered in 2019. So how is it possible that their trading tools existed in 2002?

The Swift Investment Profit Service (SPIS) is allegedly tried and tested. Look at what UAEfx is declaring:

This is Not one of the over hyped digital trading systems out there! this is confirmed tested and trusted!

And you can also be banned from accessing your account at any time.

Their terms and conditions say some investors holding Premium accounts (they’re given username and password) will be banned if they attempt to place trades on their own.

This statement should never appear anywhere in their terms and conditions because obviously if a client decides to tamper with trades, they’re essentially saying they no longer want UAEfx to trade for them.

It’s their money and whatever they do with their money is up to them.

Features available on the products/services

  1. Profits and losses will be sent through SMS
  2. Support for unlimited number of brokers (we’re not told which brokers are supported and which one’s aren’t supported).
  3. UnMetered profits
  4. Live chat support
  5. Offline trading supported (we have no idea what UAEfx means by offline trading)

Other claims appearing on the UAEFx website are as follows:

  • 300 plus accounts created
  • 98% win rate
  • 530 app downloads

These self marketing declarations are by no means representing the truth as long as proof is not available.

The Server Point Indicator and the subscription packs

The SPI v3.0 (it’s in version 3.0) supports all operating systems. The mobile version is still in development.

The SPI trading software is allegedly offering sustainable profits, thanks to its “92% win rate”. There are a bunch of indicators within the SPI trading software. These include:

1.Risk/Reward stabilizing system

2.Supply/Demand price predictor

3.Auto Adaptive Profit-Trade technology

4.Four indicators aligning

5.5Ā built inĀ indicators

6. A Proprietary MPMIS (an indicator)

There are 4 subscription packages:

[tabs][tab title=”Bronze”]

  • Limited deal amount
  • Personal serviceĀ  manager
  • 18/7 access

[/tab] [tab title=”Silver”]

  • Limited deal amount
  • Personal service manager
  • Access to copy-trade an expert
  • 18/7 access

[/tab] [tab title=”Gold”]

  • Unlimited deal amount
  • Priority withdrawals
  • 24/7 access
  • Individual trade history analysis
  • Access to Copy-Trade an expert

[/tab] [tab title=”Diamond”]

  • Unlimited deal amount
  • Priority Withdrawals
  • 24/7 access
  • Daily Individual trade history analysis
  • Access to Copy-Trade an expert
  • Auto Pilot access


Prices are not listed on this section of the UAEFX website. However, we’ve heard a very bad joke concerning their pricing.

If this joke is anything to go by, then we’d expect these folks to charge the following:

$2,500….. Membership fee (a prerequisite of becoming a member of UAEFX or even using any of the service they claim to offer.

$10,000 -$50,000……Ā  SPI software fee. Membership fees for the plans listed above can cost anywhere between $20,000 ,$50,000 and $100,000.

From the look of things, UAEFX sounds like a ponzi scheme and not a legit trading operation. Our assumption is inspired by the following facts:

No trading performance or results can be provided

Does UAEfx offer any trading results for their audience to view?

The answer is a resounding No! They neither have proof of successful trading nor the alleged win rate.

The company does not even have a account. We use to view trading stats and track record of trading software vendors such as UAEfx.

This is the same thing with their managed trading accounts. The company does not offer a track record.

Fees for their managed accounts is 25% of profit.

They claim that profits can be between 500% to 2000% in 4 to 32 weeks. This is obviously too good to be true.

We treat such statements with lots of caution because they indicate who the people who run UAEfx really are.

They are SCAMMERS!


If you want to be scammed, go down this route. If you don’t want to be scammed, simply avoid UAEFX and do not let yourself to be persuaded by their fancy-sounding names such as SPI, SPIS etc. This is baloney!

Thanks for reading UAEFX review. We look forward to your comments.

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One Response to Review: The Swift Profit Investment Scam

  1. david bluhm says:

    Uaefx are total scammers as well as Lukasz Wilhelm who is some bullshit investment scammer who makes up fake interview. Uaefx will never reply to emails and when Uaefx did it was with some bull excuse or wanting more money for me to get my money. Uaefx will rip you off. Any of these 5 star reviews of Uaefx are fake. Uaefx have literaly stolen $45000 from me with their imaginary SPI crap.

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