Tvision aka Scam Broker: The Review

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Tvision is another scam broker operating from and luring traders with attractive benefits such as no spreads and commission basic trading account.

Keep in mind that with a Tvision basic account, the minimum deposit will be $250, which is a bit high considering that is a brand new website with a dirty past.

The reason Tvision is considered a scam broker is because their website was originally operating as Now this domain is defunct and instead redirecting to

There is a serious problem with how they brand their business because is a very different name from Tvision.

It creates confusion but most importantly, we get the impression that such a Forex broker is not serious and will most likely defraud you.

We have also received complaints against Tvision when they were operating as

They allegedly cheat investors by trading for them and displaying fake profits on their accounts which cannot be withdrawn anyway.

This is a form of cheating that is very rampant among scam brokers with no valid licensing information.

Today we are tackling the scam that is Tvision or

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Tvision ( Review: The dirty side

Beware that the reason this broker is redirecting their website from to is because they want to hide from their past sins.

They believe that it is an effective way of misleading traders and investors so that business can continue running as usual.

Unfortunately, this dirty side will continue to haunt them. is actually using an old tactic that no longer works as investors are becoming knowledgeable by the day.

The shady bonus offers of Tvision scam broker

The bonuses that this broker is claiming to offer are not without unfavorable conditions.

Their bonus page states that one cannot withdraw their money if bonus amount is equal to their account balance.

In other words, you have to keep trading to make your deposit bigger than the bonus in order to make a successful withdrawal. is obviously scamming you with these rules as you might end up forfeiting your deposit altogether in pursuit of trying to make your account bigger.

Trading with this kind of pressure is the reason many traders make mistakes and lose their money to the markets.

Furthermore, Tvision does not guarantee that you can get out your original deposit.

If account balance should be greater than bonus to withdraw, then it means one can only withdraw their profits but not deposit in the event that they are trading with a bonus.

This is a classic way of scamming traders. It’s one reason to avoid the broker altogether.

Starter Tvision( account with no spreads or commission

Their starter account type does not charge spreads or commission. This is too good to be true because no legitimate broker can make a profit if they are not levying any of these charges on your account.

It means they will have to find a way of making profits from traders who choose this account type.

Obviously all traders who are being lured into opening a trading account with Tvision are choosing the starter account type because it promises zero fees.

Secondly, the minimum deposit is $250 compared to the $2500 that is demanding in order to trade in their business account.

These factors combined makes it ideal to choose the starter account, and this is where the problem begins.

Considering the dirty history of Tvision, the ultimate thing that will happen is that they will steal your $250 deposit by locking it and not providing a means to perform a withdrawal. is not a regulated Forex broker

You must stay away from unregulated brokers because their sole mission is to defraud traders by stealing their deposits, no exceptions.

As you can see, Tvision is not licensed and does not provide their address either. This is quite dangerous because we are technically being lured into trading with an anonymous broker that can disappear overnight.

This broker has obviously joined the league of scammers like AtlasForex, EuroXN and Saracen Markets.

The Conclusion

Hiding is not going to be a possibility with this broker. Tvision aka and anything they promise you will turn out to be a lie as soon as they receive your deposit.

That said, we don’t encourage traders and investors to trust this broker at all. If you would like to invest in the financial markets, your safest bet would be to consider trading with these recommendations.

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