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Trusted Signals Review: Money Losing Indicators (!

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Welcome to the Trusted Signals (TS) review. The website ( is owned and operated by people who do not wish to introduce themselves.

They use the same unacceptable convincing tactics as Trader Insight, Mirollex and many others.

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Unless there is concrete proof of good performance and no scamming tactics, we can’t include this vendor into our list of recommended trading and investing resources.

Trusted Signals is actually a new vendor in the indicator selling business. Their intention is to provide 8 TradingView indicators and 20 built-in tools which can help traders enter and exit trades without making impulsive decisions.

Trusted Signals claims that their trading indicators will help keep us in winning trades longer while closing losers sooner.

The vendor of these trading indicators also promises a lot of supposed benefits, and their marketing is actually designed to coerce traders to make a lifetime purchase immediately.

The vendor has claimed that Trusted Signals indicators can help set up live alerts, and we can also fully customize the indicators according to our liking.

They also want us to know that Trusted Signals is selling powerful trading indicators for all kinds of traders and markets.

Scalpers, intraday and swing trades are welcomed to make a purchase here.

I feel that this vendor is moving too fast with their promotion instead of taking time to convince the community why they believe their indicators are the best.

For that reason, we have provided a write-up that will help you make up your mind because most of these vendors are usually after your money, not your advancement as a trader.

Trusted Signals Product details

Their website is quite attractive but this does not mean the indicators will provide the increasingly elusive profits that we seek in trading.

The vendor claims that traders can use their products in all kinds of markets whether Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Indices, Metals etc.

They also provide both monthly and lifetime plans.

Monthly plan costs $79 per month while their lifetime plan (Premium membership) will cost $749.

The vendor is also encouraging traders to sign up for the lifetime plan because apart from members getting access to their discord community, they promise 12 key features, tools and free updates.

My advice is that traders should not rush to spend $749 for the lifetime plan. The vendor is utilizing high pressure sales tactics to push consumers in this direction.

That said, Trusted Signals should be focusing on providing us with reasons why they believe traders will make money using these tools.

The strategy of Trusted Signals Indicators

Since there are multiple indicators which are sold as a bundle, Trusted Signals is not going into the specific details of how each tool works.

However, they’ve listed 12 key features and the key main points are as follows:

  1. Trend trading
  2. Support and resistance
  3. Reversals
  4. Moving averages

With the kind of description provided by Trusted Signals, my judgement is that this vendor is just selling the usual indicators that are freely found on any MT4 trading software.

The only difference is that they’ve programmed these indicators for the TradingView platform. This is not anything unique since TradingView already has built-in indicators of its own.

Even if you decide to use the free TradingView plan, you will still get access to things like Moving Averages, Support and resistance for free.

The only selling point here is that Trusted Signals will setup automatic alerts for you. If this is the case, then why should the vendor promote the product in a way that suggests it’s better than other indicators?

The bottom line is that Trusted Signals is hyping their products but not really providing us with tangible reasons as to why we should make a purchase.

Where is the trading performance?

These guys are showing us screenshots of their Discord community but in this trading business, we’ve seen vendors cheating with screenshots.

Screenshots of this nature do not tell us much about the effectiveness of these tools. Instead, we always wish that vendors like Trusted Signals can provide their results in a myfxbook account so we can analyze and come up with our conclusions.

Furthermore, this vendor is very new in the marketplace. How did they receive this kind of feedback in a very short time?

It’s suspicious.


Whoever runs Trusted Signals is an internet marketer and not a professional trader.

If you claim to be a professional trader, I would like a personal email from you where I can prove that you are not just a software programmer, but also a successful professional trader.

Intense promotion with no working product will just lead to a barrage of complaints as more consumers will get in and lose money in the process.

Thanks for reading.

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