True Trading Group Review: Scam by Michael Edward!

Thanks for reading the official True Trading Group (TTG) review. The subject of this review is a website that is run by Michael Edward Adam whose domain is

And there’s always something sinister about trading educators that spend resources to invest on a fancy website design like that of TTG.

They know that this kind of website presentation will distract the financially uneducated.

Someone like Michael Edward Adam exudes the macho male persona to intimidate his students and make them “conform” to his needs. He is also arrogant and easily irritable, just like his counterpart, Thomas Kralow. He appears to have a very fat ego as well.

The company’s marketing materials portray him as a “former, award winning hedge fund trader” which I find ridiculous.

He purports to provide professional trading education in addition to trading alerts, trading tools and a community where students can share ideas.

It’s obvious that True Trading Group and its owner are playing a game that we’re all familiar with.

By offering a $3 trial for a week and being nice to the student for the time being, Mr. Michael Edward Adam hopes that the student will proceed to pay hundreds of dollars for the course and community access.

However, this will be the beginning of this student’s frustrations.

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True Trading Group Review

The company is peddling yet another trading education that can “horn your skills”. Mr. Michael Edward Adam wants to give you a foundation or an advanced options trading course.

He also runs a daily “watchlist”, a live chatroom and a pre-market game plan. This is supposedly the advantage that True Trading Group is offering.

This offering is typical and similar to the sort of material that we’ve been reviewing on this blog for a long time.

The trick of these trading educators is always predictable. It often starts by luring consumers using a $3 dollar bill for the trial. After all, this isn’t expensive. Most consumers would think to themselves.

However, after the slick marketing and the initiation into the clever sales funnel, the candidate is introduced to a more expensive “magic training experience”.

In the case of TTG, Mr. Michael Edwards is literally bullying his students and not giving them a chance to articulate what they don’t like.

He has managed to put them into a small cacoon of prisoners who can either follow him religiously or risk being chased out of the chat room.

Like I said before, True Trading Group is ran by a narcissist.

The Clever marketing strategy

To cut long story short, True Trading Group is a success because of the clever sales guy that runs it.

The owner’s track record in hedge fund trading cannot be verified. It appears that this guy is only selling ripe fantasies to his followers.

Now he is on TrustPilot, the Mecca of fake reviews and feedback. If you go there and say anything he does not like, he will quickly flag that comment however honest you are.

Since he hands over a check to Trustpilot admins every other month, the comment/review will surely be deleted.

This is how things have always worked in favor of clever con artists. No wonder the rest of the reviews and rating are a 5 star. Think twice.

True Trading Group graduates have no verified trading success

Mr. Adam actually admits in the footer of the website that the testimonials or results of his students have never been verified.

And it is sad to see that a few victims still fall for the marketing tricks of this guy and his company.

The financially uneducated do not bother to read the fine print which is published at the bottom of the company’s website.

The Conclusion

The problem with a highly irritable carnival backer is that they always want their way, and never wanting to listen to the other person’s problem. They are always selfish.

True Trading Group is this kind of platform that is ran by a very insecure investment hustler. This is why you will be at his mercies if you sign up and pay money to be “educated”.

Sorry, but this is yet another bad day because am reviewing someone who has hid his dirty linen for a long time and did not dream even for a moment that he will be exposed one day.