Trend Trader PRO Review: A Scam, a Money Trap

Trend Trader PRO is a magical indicator that is supposed to make you super profitable on the ThinkorSwim platform.

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In my opinion, this trading indicator is worthless and does not attain the quality expected of a good trading product.

Meanwhile, the sales page claims the indicator can make money in the stock, futures, Forex and Crypto markets because all of these markets trend the same way.

All you have to do is copy-paste the buy and sell signals as they appear on the screen.

No repaint whatsoever!

No learning curve!

Just profits even if you’re a newbie!

In fact, the owner even claims that a friend who works with a hedge fund tested it and achieved impressive results.

The company he works for even ‘rewarded’ him with bonuses to the tune of $4,500,000.

The trading indicator’s web address can be found at

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The vendor charges a whooping $1,997 for a license of the TrendTraderPro indicator.

The vendor refused to disclose his identity or to verify the kind of trading performance he is touting on the sales page.

However, he claims that Trend Trader Pro is the real deal and he even shows multiple screenshots of the supposed profits that this indicator achieved.

Is Trend Trader Pro something worth spending thousands of dollars on when there are cheaper and sometimes free indicators out there?

Trend Trader Pro review

The ‘Buy Now’ button provides access to 5 other tools and resources besides the indicator itself.

According to the vendor, the bundle includes the following items:

1.TimeHeatMap (a trade confirmation tool costing $997).

2.Reversal Zones (Indicator for determining potential price reversal).

3.TrendTraderPro scanner (for scanning the stock market using recent entry Signals).

4. 5 hour video training course to teach the vendor’s strategy.

5. Free lifetime updates.

All of the above items with the exception of Free lifetime updates have a worth of $997.

But the owner of Trend Trader Pro indicator is selling all of this for $1,997.

Sounds ridiculous!

Why is he selling it?

The logic is that if you have something that works and makes a lot of money in a short time, you shouldn’t be bothered with selling or even discussing it.

This is especially true because the trait of selfishness is innate in humans.

According to the sales page of Trend Trader Pro, the owner is selling the indicator because it makes it ‘more effective’, it is a side business and he does not want to see people struggling to attain financial freedom.

The sales page further argues that the reason there is no trial is because the product is not sold on a subscription basis.

In other words, the vendor wants you to shell thousands of dollars on something that does not have any verifiable proof of performance.

The only claim to fame is ‘feedback from users’ and screenshots of the system’s alleged profitability.

This style of marketing is mostly used by indicator hustlers who sell snake oil.

Trend Trader Pro is nothing different from the usual snake oil in the indicator marketplace.

The excuses that the vendor gives as to why he is selling it are lame to say the least.

The supposed profitability of TrendTraderPro

One of the screenshots suggests that this indicator made $23,760 in just 3 days.

On the other hand, a big portion of the sales page is showing feedback from the Trustpilot website.

This Tom Lewis Trade Service article provides brief info on how ‘testimonials’ appear on this platform and how shady vendors leverage the services of this website to deceive naïve users.

Currently, there are no records of any trades by this vendor and neither did this website post any account statements to verify the trades where this indicator made $23k in 3 days.


The vendor is even stealing social media information of unsuspecting victims and posting fabricated testimonials on his website.

A guy called Josh Barry was a victim of this illegal practice.

The vendor actually stole his profile pic on Facebook and posted it on the sales page as one of the ‘happy customers’ using Trend Trader Pro.

It was confirmed that this guy has never used this product before.

I don’t know what transpired because ultimately the picture was pulled down and replaced with another including text on that section of the website.


If the saying that a sucker is born every minute is true, them is that ultimate money trap  —  where the financially naïve are defrauded with false promises.

As for the anonymous owner of Trend Trader Pro indicator, I would wish to do a positive review of your indicator.

However, I will need proof that it works or at least show me your live trading account and what you’ve achieved using your indicator.

13 Responses to “Trend Trader PRO Review: A Scam, a Money Trap”

  1. MikeG says:

    While I appreciate your review I think you were a little too quick to call this a scam. From what I gathered myself from their sales page and my interaction with their support staff they do offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the product. That’s actually super rare in the trading education/indicator industry and no scammer would do that.

    Also, by your post, I believe you did not actually try their indicators, correct? It seems a little unfair to write a “review” (especially a critical one) of something you never tried yourself.

    As I said at the beginning of my comment, I do appreciate your effort to help consumers like me make a decision but I don’t think hastily calling something a scam without even giving it a try first is right. Especially when the vendor is confident enough in their product to offer a money back guarantee.

    For anyone interested, I will buy trend trader tonight and I’m planning to post about my experience with the system in a few weeks. I’m hopeful but remain realistic.


    1. MikeG says:

      It has been now 2 weeks since I bought the TTP system and I thought I’d update my previous message here for anyone interested.

      I am now 100% certain that the poster of this review has NOT used TTP. If he had, I truly do not see how he could write that it is not a legitimate system.

      This is what I know after having used this system for two weeks. The creator truly knows what he’s talking about. I finished the full 6-hour video training course and the information he shared regarding trend trading techniques, entries, scaling in and out, and stop levels in particular are some of the most valuable trading lessons I have come across.

      To date, I’ve traded using the TTP strategy and tools live with very positive and promising results. I’ve found that the tools work exactly as advertised, no exaggerations were made. Based on the strategy taught in the course, we do NOT trade every signal that the indicator gives us, instead, we filter it using another tool to match the signal with the higher timeframe trends and judge it based on the price action in real-time. It sounds sophisticated but it’s actually pretty simple once you understand it. It takes me 30 secs to evaluate a signal now.

      Here’s my personal stats from 10 live trading days trading very small size:

      Trades taken: 21
      Profitable trades: 14
      Losing trades: 7
      Average profitable trade: $193
      Average losing trade: $38

      I have more stats that I track but those are really the most important ones. My average losing trade with this system is much much smaller than the average winning trade. That’s because the TTP strategy uses very tight stops when a trade is not working (basically you get an exit signal very quickly) and it leaves winning trades run until the trend ends (taking partial profits along the way). That’s an extremely important point for me because I’ve used a strategy that had a 95% win rate but when a trade failed it would lose 10 times more than it would make on an average winning trade, which meant that looking at the win rate alone is a totally useless metric.

      I want to keep this update short but in essence, I have found (after using it on my own) that TTP is absolutely legit and it does work IF you apply the strategy they teach CORRECTLY.
      You don’t have to believe me, of course. Try it out for yourself like I did, they have money back guarantee so you don’t really risk anything but the reward could be very big.

      Your own real experience is more important than anyone else’s opinions…

      – Mike

  2. Dennis says:

    I purchased crypto with TrendTraderPro’s three tools on my single chart, I didn’t buy it, because I was in the middle of crypto transactions last week. I too am going to purchase it and to answer the mind needs to know, those accounts that made a huge amount of money were day trading accounts with more than $25,000.00 funding. I traded commodities in the early 80’s. I purchased KCBT Wheat put options (10) each because the market was in a down trend inside a regression channel my monies multiplied by (10) shorting the market!

    I can easily with enough monies in my account to show you, regression channeling is where it is at and I turned $5000.00 into $10,000 in just under 4 days! Secondly, only a moron of the highest order would allow his private information such family name and his account number for all to see! He had many thousands of dollars to run his program and if he was lucky on all the contracts he purchased not stocks themselves, certainly you are going to rake in a lot of money.

    It has been said, in order to make money you have to have money! Question, what if he used a lowly account of $2000.00 and how the pitiful gains that took 20-35 days only coming up with only a few hundred dollars for all that waiting! Hey, I am painting a picture here! You’re trying to sell your tools online and showing an average American who is at middle to low poverty level and say, hey purchase my system and in twenty or so days you will gross maybe 4-5% returns on your stocks and you can only afford maybe 5-10 shares of a low cap stock!

    Not too many sales are forthcoming, with those impressive gains just mentioned! I can see the authors reasons! I can’t stick up for him because it seems these days everyone has a system to sell, all the way back in the 70’s during my trading years. There one spot on that worked for me 90% of the time when I used it, was Larry Williams Alligator, I call it the “Alligator Trend Cruncher”!

    When this appears on the daily, weekly, monthly and hourly, you better hold on, its better than a rollercoaster ride at six flags! I am still not sure why, this phenomena didn’t catch on with these new generation of traders! It never seems to fail when used with a momentum histogram and stochastic 5-2-2-3.

    I see what the individual or individuals are telling us, so I put his or theirs system to a test, I sent them a chart of the crypto I was going to purchase and wanted a second opinion and customer service sent me the chart back with overlays on them. The Heat Map showed me the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly all “green”! I studied the indicators on the crypto chart and it took me several glances to see the worm like trend moving average follow the prices from the beginning of the trend to its end.

    In fact, it was “TFUEL” I needed to get into and their heat map (short term was all systems “Go”! I looked closer and seen how the prices no matter how volatile and these are go up and down in a single day showed by following this green worm working its way up to the chart without the prices interfering with its direction trending keeping me in my trade without getting “stopped” out too soon.

    When the earth worm (green) met up with the prices as the prices began to descend, a “sell” arrow appeared with that moving average worm becoming red thus stopping me out for a lot of money. They didn’t include the support and resistant bounce offs! Because I imagine you could make a ton of money way beyond that particular tool and not having to pay for it!

    I am looking at my chart it was a one hour chart, it took many hours to reach its percipience before showing weakness. One last thing, the hourly , daily , weekly were all “green”at the bottom of my chart but the “monthly” showed using Trend-Trader. pro showed me, “Red” heat map, across the last several months. After the “Hourly, Daily, Weekly rising. The power of the “Monthly” heat map showed and eventual trend change. Which it did, along with my Williams Alligator signal showing me it was full and going back to its underwater nesting place.

    I like to keep this simple and colorful. But it did give me an earlier withdrawal before their “Red Sell” arrow showed up. Well, I don’t mean to be the egg in the pickle barrel here being biased. Before having customer service do this for me before my purchase, was extraordinary, to say the least and to me and this is not to reflect of the rest of humanity out there, it worked grand!

    Maybe I got lucky! Not! I used other tools I had confidence in made by real traders in the 70’s and early 80’s and it too showed a super buy in this crypto (Long Term). I just wanted to be the guy, who only traded once in awhile and every time “he” did, he would either broke even or lost most of the time. Well if he got half the results I ended up with I would say, “These tools have some value too it! Otherwise I would have had to agree with the poster of this message.

    It would have been a sad day, if I had to agree to this writers passions! But I used the signals and they work and it didn’t cost me a dime! I will have to stay on the winning side this time around with this “Trend Pro Trader tools! Really in all seriousness, no promises really, that you are going to make a million dollars a day or thousands of dollars in several hours, because if you don’t have a lot of money too buy a 500- to a 1000 shares a 4-7% move in your winning stock will hardly pay for the commissions and all the time you waited for the stock to rise! Another fact, if you don’t have at least $25,000 minimal balance in your cash accounts, the broker will not allow you to day trade!

    There goes that wish! I do believe if you trade $1000 cash account and you’re prudent and have a system such as this, all those small gains will grow for you by the end of your years investing in your stocks.

    Lastly, the $1900.00 is a ruse, they are selling it for $690.00! Yes, there are sites that will charge you the $1900.00. Come on, look around they have sales! I happened to save that site!

    1. Jay says:

      what is the URL that sells the $1997 version for $690

  3. MikeS says:

    I’m curious. Does TTP give thorough instructions for day and swing traders?

  4. Bruce N. says:

    This is really a scam. I bought it and was so disappointed. Believe or not, when the stock dropped at 10:20 from the top and the indicator showed at 10:45. You would lose all money if relying on this scam.

  5. Desitrader says:

    I just saved $1,497 after reading your review. thanks for posting such honest review.

  6. Alex says:

    I’ve been a user of TTP since the start of the year. All I can say is that it’s been a real turning point in my trading because it gave me a clear system and strategy to trade with. Help was there when I needed it and they delivered what was promised. The course is detailed so I recommend watching twice to really grasp the strategy because you can trade it wrong if you don’t understand it (I did in the beginning).

  7. Steve says:

    I am looking at TrendTrader Pro so in my research, I can tell you without doubt that Bruce N. is a shill. Poster probably runs a site that scams traders. His review here is just about word for word from a review left for TTP on from Trung N. a day before “Bruce” left his review here. Here’s the link where Trung is the only negative review.

  8. jerry says:

    I have been using product for over a year….its not a panacea it just gives you a quick and dirty….it will get u out of bad trades quicker than you normal. just a technical backstop

  9. ben says:

    I accidentally clicked a five star rating for this article and cannot change it. It should be a ZERO star rating. – brad

  10. James M. Fones, II says:

    It took one year of tweaking TTP for FOREX. Finally have a profitable trading plan which consist of TTP set at “20” TF at 10 minutes; added “Line from Style” and “Reverse” on TDAmeritrade Platform.

    Did not use Heat Bars (they should be thinner – no need to have them so wide).
    With practice, followed every TTP Buy/Sell indicator and back-tested three Pairs (GBP/USD; EUR/USD; and AUD/USD five days each from 0600 to 1600 GMT Philippines and had zero losses.
    Entered only on TTP Buy/Sell and never existed until each Pair produced $10.00. FOREX risk was 10,000 = $1 per pip. Result per day average were: AUD = $15.50; GTB = 15.80 and EUR = 14.42. Total full days in tests were 15 for 10 hours each =150 hours. On the other hand, reached the $10.00 exits as early as 0800 and as late as 1600.

    Problem with Plan: the trades must be monitored every 10 minutes; this is simplified by using a high volume so TTP’s bell can be heard in other rooms. The Plan only works after a maximum time is spent learning all the basics and overcoming the human tendency to tweak Plans and FOMO.

    I do not recommend the above for any trader that is new to using day trades.

    One major complaint: TTP stopped responding to my Emails and and posted questions, which were rejected by a program with the intent on verifying me. No worries, who ever figured out the algorithm used for TTP receives my compliments; his staff, on the other hand, needs tweaking.

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