Trend Trader PRO Review: A Scam, a Money Trap -

Trend Trader PRO Review: A Scam, a Money Trap

Trend Trader PRO is a magical indicator that is supposed to make you super profitable on the ThinkorSwim platform.

In my opinion, this trading indicator is worthless and does not attain the quality expected of a good trading product.

Meanwhile, the sales page claims the indicator can make money in the stock, futures, Forex and Crypto markets because all of these markets trend the same way.

All you have to do is copy-paste the buy and sell signals as they appear on the screen.

No repaint whatsoever!

No learning curve!

Just profits even if you’re a newbie!

In fact, the owner even claims that a friend who works with a hedge fund tested it and achieved impressive results.

The company he works for even ‘rewarded’ him with bonuses to the tune of $4,500,000.

The trading indicator’s web address can be found at

The vendor charges a whooping $1,997 for a license of the TrendTraderPro indicator.

The vendor refused to disclose his identity or to verify the kind of trading performance he is touting on the sales page.

However, he claims that Trend Trader Pro is the real deal and he even shows multiple screenshots of the supposed profits that this indicator achieved.

Is Trend Trader Pro something worth spending thousands of dollars on when there are cheaper and sometimes free indicators out there?

Trend Trader Pro review

The ‘Buy Now’ button provides access to 5 other tools and resources besides the indicator itself.

According to the vendor, the bundle includes the following items:

1.TimeHeatMap (a trade confirmation tool costing $997).

2.Reversal Zones (Indicator for determining potential price reversal).

3.TrendTraderPro scanner (for scanning the stock market using recent entry Signals).

4. 5 hour video training course to teach the vendor’s strategy.

5. Free lifetime updates.

All of the above items with the exception of Free lifetime updates have a worth of $997.

But the owner of Trend Trader Pro indicator is selling all of this for $1,997.

Sounds ridiculous!

Why is he selling it?

The logic is that if you have something that works and makes a lot of money in a short time, you shouldn’t be bothered with selling or even discussing it.

This is especially true because the trait of selfishness is innate in humans.

According to the sales page of Trend Trader Pro, the owner is selling the indicator because it makes it ‘more effective’, it is a side business and he does not want to see people struggling to attain financial freedom.

The sales page further argues that the reason there is no trial is because the product is not sold on a subscription basis.

In other words, the vendor wants you to shell thousands of dollars on something that does not have any verifiable proof of performance.

The only claim to fame is ‘feedback from users’ and screenshots of the system’s alleged profitability.

This style of marketing is mostly used by indicator hustlers who sell snake oil.

Trend Trader Pro is nothing different from the usual snake oil in the indicator marketplace.

The excuses that the vendor gives as to why he is selling it are lame to say the least.

The supposed profitability of TrendTraderPro

One of the screenshots suggests that this indicator made $23,760 in just 3 days.

On the other hand, a big portion of the sales page is showing feedback from the Trustpilot website.

This Tom Lewis Trade Service article provides brief info on how ‘testimonials’ appear on this platform and how shady vendors leverage the services of this website to deceive naïve users.

Currently, there are no records of any trades by this vendor and neither did this website post any account statements to verify the trades where this indicator made $23k in 3 days.


The vendor is even stealing social media information of unsuspecting victims and posting fabricated testimonials on his website.

A guy called Josh Barry was a victim of this illegal practice.

The vendor actually stole his profile pic on Facebook and posted it on the sales page as one of the ‘happy customers’ using Trend Trader Pro.

It was confirmed that this guy has never used this product before.

I don’t know what transpired because ultimately the picture was pulled down and replaced with another including text on that section of the website.


If the saying that a sucker is born every minute is true, them is that ultimate money trap  —  where the financially naïve are defrauded with false promises.

As for the anonymous owner of Trend Trader Pro indicator, I would wish to do a positive review of your indicator.

However, I will need proof that it works or at least show me your live trading account and what you’ve achieved using your indicator.


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