Trend Profiteer Review

Trend Profiteer is a Forex EA by a well-known developer called Michael Nurok.

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Michael Nurok has developed a lot of trading systems in the past, and Trend Profiteer is just one of the many systems he created back in 2015.

The sales page has also been redone a couple of times before. The last time I checked, a license was going for $697.

Now it is being offered for “free” and to get instant access, you must give your name and email.

This is a shady sales tactic. I prefer developers who are transparent with their intents from the word go!

Is Trend Profiteer Legit?

The EA is described as a trend and swing trader on the 4 hour time frame.

Right now the Forex robot is purported to provide $1000+ trades every day.

Trend Profiteer ea review

I don’t know why a “very profitable Forex robot” like this one can be offered for free.

Probably there’s a catch which we do not know of at this moment.

Michael Nurok’s sales page was over 20,000 words before he made changes to his website. 90% of the content was made up of sales jargon.

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He provided a few samples of trades which showed that he was making $600 to $5,700 in those trades.

The Trend Profiteer Forex robot was aiming for 130 pips per trade with a risk reward strategy of 20:1.

These samples are definitely not convincing as Michael could have cherry-picked the trades.

If he wants to convince the community, he should produce statements showing his live trades and drawdown percentages.

Should you use Trend Profiteer EA?

I cannot recommend this software due to be poor reputation that Michael’s other products have.

He is the developer of Forex Precog and Trader’s Elite.

Users of his products say his sales page promises thousands of dollars but in reality, his products are losing money.

Before he made changes to his sales page, he showed the community a couple of videos and screenshots.

These videos and screenshots were supposedly being used to show that Trend Profiteer is truly profitable.

What I do not understand is why the service is not creating a myfxbook account to track the activities of this Forex EA.


$697 was certainly a lot for a license of a Forex robot. Trend Profiteer is now free.

I urge users who have time and really want to try this software to utilize it on a demo MT4 platform.

However, it’s also quite clear that the Trend Profiteer does not deliver expected results.

It’s just a waste of time to even think that you’ll get good results from this EA.

You should probably stick to these highly recommended EAs and trading resources.

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