Review: SCAM or Stock Market AI Trading Tool? user reviews are lacking out there, yet the website continues to peddle their AI stock market analysis tool and platform. offers 3 different kinds of products/services namely the Interprete robot, buy/sell signals and a portfolio tool.

This is similar what what Signals Boa is offering its clients, although the alleged profits have never been verified.

If Translate Stocks truly offers an artificial intelligence software that helps give traders an edge, then it wouldn’t be such a cheap service given that people who trade stocks generally want to start with a bigger deposit than those who are trying out Forex.

Most of the tools and resources we recommend here are designed for trading Forex, CFDs and Crypto profitably.

But we also have significant experience in trading stocks. So this review is quite timely considering that none of the bloggers and customers out there have written any review concering Translate Stocks. Review

The AI trading platform allegedly comes with back-testing, stock analysis, portfolio building tool and a signals area where users can see what signals to buy or sell.

The website claims that users will receive 90 advanced signals and will have the freedom to create their own algorithms. The portfolio tool will suggest the “best weight to each stock” on the dashboard using a combination of Nobel Prize Winner Markowitz Portfolio Theory and hedge fund methodology.

The AI system that touts allegedly has the capability to understand all trading indicators like Fibonacci, Standard Deviation and Moving Averages.

The vendor believes that all of these things combined will make a trader have an edge in the stock market.

While this explanation is fine and dandy, we have a feeling that the vendor is just selling and not using this tool themselves to improve their lifestyles.

The Pricing of Translatestocks AI trading system

Users have the option of subscribing on a weekly basis. This would be $7 every week. If a user feels confident enought, they can opt for the $79 monthly package which the vendor charges annually.

If the annual package is not ideal, the user has the option to buy the $97 per month package.

All of these plans are similar in terms of what they offer except the annual plan that allegedly gives users the advantage of early access to annual events.

The vendor has not expounded on these events, so we don’t know which kind of events they are talking about.

Concerns regarding Translate Stocks AI trading system

The footer of the website says the company is not acting in the capacity of an investment advisor and that we should not take their service for a personalized investment advice.

But what they are doing is the complete opposite of that disclaimer as the AI tool in question is advising investors to either buy or sell stocks.

Translate Stocks is also not providing us with their verifiable trading results or that of their customers. If we don’t have data of this kind, then it would be ideal to provide a free 1 month trial just to see how things work.

It seems the owners are unwilling to go down this route.

The Conclusion

I wouldn’t subscribe to the First of all, there’s no contact us page anywhere on their website. It is impossible to reach out to the anonymous faces that run this platform.

They have included social media links on the footer of the site but again am surprised because their Twitter page only has 1 follower and their Facebook account has nil.

This is probably a scam. Forget about it.