Trading with Venus Review: Is it a Scam?

Trading with Venus is a Forex education website owned and operated by Raman Gill. Raman Gill poses as a professional trader that is consistently generating profits from Forex trading. She does not have a track record of the alleged consistent profits which she generates from Forex trading.

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Instead, Trading with Venus website is filled with a smorgasbord of pricey trading products and webinars which she appears to be making a living from.

We’ve seen people selling snake oil before and so we have to be cautious every time we come across Forex product vendors. 

If you want quality and yet affordable trading resources that can give you the success you want, visit this page. is appealing to naive traders who must be thinking that Raman has found the holy grail of Forex trading and is willing to give it out for a couple of dollars. She is targeting the following people:

  1. Those who are not getting consistent results from trading
  2. Those who have bought all Forex trading courses on the internet and ended up losing money instead of learning.
  3. Those who are passionate about Forex trading
  4. Those who love trading but can’t succeed in it because there is a missing link they can’t seem to connect to to get consistent profits
  5. Those who want to look at other aspects of trading other than just the technical.

I’ve reviewed these trading schools before and what I can say is that as soon as I publish a review of them, victims come out in numbers to report that they were scammed or at least ripped off.

LadyF trader is one such example. The owner even went ahead to threaten me because I had reported the truth.

Having said this, I will go ahead and write a complete review of the Trading with Venus Forex school. If you want trading products that work, there’s no point in spending your top dollar and risking not finding the results you wanted. You can purchase a good course for as little as $200.

Trading with Venus Review

Trading with Venus holds the following social media pages on the internet:


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Facebook Group

What exactly does Raman offer? She offers trading courses, access to a trading room, one-on-one mentorship and trading recommendations. These are paid in annual subscriptions. They include the following:

1.Silver package (video course) $497

2.Gold package (trading room) $402

3.Platinum package (one-on-one mentorship) $1500

Trading with Venus

By the way, what she is not offering is verified trading results of her supposed live trades.

Trading with Venus review: The chatroom experience

The chat room is maned by Raman (and a few other people whom she usually assigns if she is not present). Raman does not appear to be an professional trader as claimed all over the sales page of Trading with Venus website.

raman of trading with venus

In fact, it looks like most of her money is made by selling trading courses in addition to chat room access subscription.

The chat room is supposed to engage students where Raman shows her supposed live trades to an audience.

These trade recommendations turn out to be losers as most people have reported that the quality of those trades are not good.

Raman markets her Trading with Venus products on YouTube which seem to promote her service very well to traders looking for the supposed holy grail.

However, despite the owner of Trading with Venus claiming that her live account has a balance of at least $20,000, what she is showing her student is an account that has $3000 only which begs the question of how on earth a professional trader can have a live account with such a small balance.

At some point in time, the supposed trading guru who by now is clearly selling snake oil admitted that she lost a big account, i.e she screwed big time and banned a live account.

The question is how can a professional trader ban a live account and then continue teaching other students to follow her techniques….. the very techniques that lose money? This is clearly not working and yet some people still pay for the courses.


Raman is just making money selling trading courses at Trading with Venus. As a student, you should question her experience and knowledge because it does not always mean that talking about candlesticks means being an experienced trader who makes money consistently.

I believe that people should not spend a fortune on trading courses especially now that elementary learning materials can be found online for free.

Thanks for reading the Trading with Venus review. If you have something to say, please comment below.

One Response to Trading with Venus Review: Is it a Scam?

  1. Mark says:

    Interesting fact:
    More money was made from false claims during the Gold rush than was actually made from Gold.

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