Trading Template Review: Is Mike Aston a Scam? -

Trading Template Review: Is Mike Aston a Scam?

Welcome to the Trading Template review.

Mike Aston is promising a “bigger income and a better lifestyle” to students who buy his Trading Template course.

Mike Aston and his wife, Lynn, have allegedly been working from home for the last 20 years, trading options, futures and Forex.

The Trading Template course is specifically designed for people who have not attained “financial freedom” yet.

According to Mike Aston, the Trading Template is a simple video course that will show his students how to extract money from the markets.

This trading school controls the following social media pages:



What is more, Mike is making $1,000 per day on average and sometimes up to $10,000 per week.

He and his wife have attained “financial freedom” and are desperately looking to make you rich like themselves.

Mike even knows a few bible verses which he uses to persuade the financial unsophisticated of his prowess and integrity.

Trading Template review

The Trading Template course appears to be just another get-rich-quick options trading course on the internet.

We would really love to recommend this options trading school because everyone of us would like to make $1,000 per and with minimal loses if any.

If you’re wondering what Mike Aston is up to, please go through this Trading Template review in details to learn what we have to say in this analysis.

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Trading Template review

According to Mike Aston, he has been successfully “trading a live account” using a template he discovered in the first 3 years of his trading.

This template does not change and yet it continues to make thousands of dollars like clockwork in every financial market.

This trading template is so profitable that he finds himself making profits every day of the week.

This is not your typical order flow indicator fraud. Mike claims you can learn and gain useful knowledge which will liberate you financially.

Additionally, he claims that he can fund a student to trade one of his “live accounts”

These crazy proclamations are hard to believe. We don’t know how many people have become “financially independent” as a result of taking this course.

The following trading results are a proclamation of Mike Aston with regards to trading options:

Part 1: $6,000 in 2 days

Part 2: $1,000 in 1 day

Part 3: $600 in 1 day

Part 4-7: $2,700 in 3 days with only one loss of $400

Mike’s future trading series part 2 also shows you how me made $2,537 out of 5 trades just before lunch time.

This guy is definitely selling a magical trading strategy.

You have finally found a trading educator that will give you the secret to buying fancy sports cars, a big mansion and a yacht.

If you want to be wealthy, the Trading Template is where you should spend your money.

Mike is peddling two kinds of get-rich-quick trading courses. They are as follows:

  • Learn to trade course……………$1,234
  • Learn to trade course plus extended access bundle……….$2,020

If you take any of the above courses, you will always be in the happy side, the sales page coos.

He is also going to teach you a strategy that generates $200 per day in profits (in case his thousands of dollars per day profit don’t persuade you).

This must be a very profitable trading indicator indeed. Can we view his live trading account and how he has been fairing in the last one month for example?

We’re quite curious about his trading results since Mike claims he is a profitable trader.

So, does Mike of Trading Template has third-party verified trading results?

Well, he does not have a live account. At least not a single live account has been shown in his supposed trading accounts.

These “profits” are basically generated from a TradingStation demo account. Furthermore, Mike is cherry-picking his best trades, then posting them as live trades in a series of marketing videos.

A 20 year old options trader should be a veteran. A redacted broker statement should be the simplest request you can ever make of him.

Unfortunately, the owner of this trading school cannot produce evidence of live trading yet.

This request can never be honored because all trading is done on a simulator.

Simulated trading means one cannot withdraw the supposed profits because it is a paper trading account.

It is used by bogus trading educators to trick naive people into paying several thousands of dollars for a trading course.

Trading Template reviews

Students of this trading school have allegedly left behind very positive reviews about their experience with this company.

The reviews are exciting to go through. No student has ever suffered a loss because Mike’s Trading Template is a sure fire trading formula.

You can find these Trading Template reviews on the official website of this Trading educator.

These reviews are of course the work of fabrication. If they’re real, we still don’t have a way of verifying their authenticity.

They’re simply not reliable and cannot be used as proof of profitability.

Feedback about this trading school has also appeared on the highly suspicious forum called TrustPilot.

Trust Pilot is the Mecca of fake trading reviews.

These guys have specialized in a reputation management business. They can make a scam look as if it is not a scam.

Trading Template has received incredible 68 very positive reviews. 90% of those reviews are not convincing as they appear not to be from real students of Trading Template.


This trading school is actually a scam. Mike Aston is definitely a profitable trader on a TradeStation simulator.

Consumers who bump into Trading Template website will believe the lie that they can generate similar profits if they spend several hundreds of dollars on this options trading course.

They’re using TrustPilot which is the Mecca of fake trading reviews. Real reviews of frustrated customers are hidden at the discretion of TrustPilot.

At this time, we cannot recommend this trading school. Thank you for reading this Trading Template review. We look forward to your feedback.


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