Trading Research Group Review: Scam it is!

Trading Research Group is a futures trading education website where they believes that ideas, research, technology and experience equals consistent results.

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At the end of the day, consumers want verifiable trade results, not more product recommendations from websites like Ticino Trader (whom they are affiliated with).

These trading products and services have continuously outperformed the competition because of consistent results that can be demonstrated to the customer even before they sign up.

So, what exactly does Trading Research Group sell? They sell the following:

  • Weekly webinar meetings
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • A private slack workspace
  • Bootcamp costing a whooping $999 (to start in 19th of October)

Monthly membership into the Trading Research Group education content costs $99/monthly, $267/quarterly or $947 annually.

Trading Research Group review

Before you subscribe, this review will let you know whether or not paying for this service is worth it.

Trading Research Group Review

This service is owned and operated by Lee Harris and Jeff Mayem.

Lee Harris is also the founder of emojitrading and claims to be a professional trader of futures and options since the 90s.

On the other hand, Jeff Mayem is proclaiming to have 47 years of experience in futures trading.

Marketing materials on the Trading Research Group claims that they don’t do the following:

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  • Call trades or price levels
  • Use price-based indicators
  • Suggest that trading and consistently making profits is easy

This makes the service come across as transparent compared to obvious snake oil peddlers like

However, before we endorse any service, we need to establish whether the trading educators have verifiable performance record or at least a professional background in trading.

It does not matter what they say. All we need is a verifiable trading performance to ascertain the authenticity of their claims.

Does Lee Harris and Jeff Mayem have a real track record?

Even though both of them proclaim a strong track record of profitable trading in the futures market, the Trading Research Group website does not provide any evidence of their trading prowess.

They might have been involved in futures and options trading. However, this does not mean they are selling you what works.

We’re sort of skeptical about this service at this point because even the “testimonials” published on this website cannot be verified.

Usually a good trading product will attract reviews in popular trading forums on the internet.

However, I did realize that Trading Research Group does not have any client feedback.

Therefore we do not have any justifiable reasons to believe the “testimonials” that appear on this website.

On top of that, this trading educational service is quite costly.

A boot camp costing $999 to attend is quite nonsensical.

If the trading educators cannot demonstrate their trading prowess, we do not find any reasons why you should invest this much in their bootcamp.


Unfortunately this service does not pass our ultimate test of profitability.

The “trading gurus” appear to be making all their money from peddling webinars, membership and bootcamp trading services.

In addition to this, they make their money from referral commissions where they get a cut when they send consumers to yet another trap called “funded trader programs”.

Currently they’re promoting Earn2Trade and TopstepTrader.

In the end, this business model attracts the financially desperate who believe they will find financial freedom by getting “educated” and then “funding” to start trading with “company money”.

In the end, Trading Research Group turns out to be a business that only profits the owners and not consumers.

The best thing to do is to avoid such websites at all cost.

One Response to Trading Research Group Review: Scam it is!

  1. Jonathan says:

    This “review” is ridiculous. TRG is not at all a scam. I’ve been a member there for over a year and have learned more applicable and constructive techniques there, than in countless overpriced seminars, webinars, books, courses, etc. over the last 20 years. The founders are as real as they come.

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