Trading Opportunity Review: ( Clever Scam

Trading Opportunity purports to offer asset management services to clients with 10 million dollars in investment capital.

Nevertheless, is a suspicious domain, plus their website throws a lot of red flags.

This is not my cup of tea kind of investment platform. It automatically makes me think that there is no difference between this website in our subject and sites like HiHedge or YieldCrowd.

Trading Opportunity is also affiliated with a lot of other shady trading and investment companies that purport to be legitimate.

My research reveals that is working or purporting to work with the following entities:




4. XM broker

Although I did use XM broker some time in 2015, I think they are far much better than brokers like TurboXBT who run shady binary options platforms.

Their about us page introduces Daniel Lawson as the “CEO of the holding”. Their team is allegedly made of individuals with diverse business background and experience in global financial markets.

Because of the red flag on their website, it would be a disaster recommending this alleged asset managemet company or including it in our list of the best trading and investing resources.

Trading Opportunity ( Review

Whether they are a legit asset management company or scam, I expect them to present a professional website with detailed information about who they are, what they do, how they invest, what returns they give and so much more.

Unfortunately, they fall short of our expectations because their website has several broken links aka 404 pages.

While clicking around, even on their logo, we found a weird link ( that looked like a spammy website.

They also claim to be affiliated with but the link is also broken. We can’t find more information about their relationship with

The only thing that makes it explicitly clear about the nature of their relation is the email address that they share with

Additionally, Trading Opportunity says they are headquartered in Cyprus. If this is the case, we expect them to be regulated by the financial watchdog known as CySEC.

But this seems not to be the case.’s relationship with ITBFX Broker

This relationship with a scam broker makes it apparent that Trading Opportunity is actually not an honest entity that can handle your funds in a transparent manner.

First of all, is the subject of an FSC (British Virgin Islands financial regulator) regulatory warning.

The financial regulator warned that the company (Trading Opportunity Management Company Ltd), which is in charge of ITBFX is not a BVI-registered entity and not authaurized to carry out any financial services with the aim of soliciting members of the public to trade or invest.

Now, the worst part is that ITBFX is outright frauduent because they claim to be headquartered in London and the Seychelles.

That would mean getting a license from the FCA and also from the Sychelles FSA.

But when you check these regulator’s register, you find nothing close to the name ITBFX.

In short, Trading Opportunity is taking investors for a ride with the aim of scamming them.

Relationship with Trading Point

Trading Point is like a shell company that owns a host of other companies. They have acquired multiple entities that purport to offer trading and investing services.

Some of them include:

  • XM Global Limited (this is a Forex broker)
  • And a few others that I might not have known

Trading Point is also offering asset management services under Trading Point Asset Management Ltd.

Because is not regulated and its registration status as a company is not known, they have opted to acquire multiple other entities, (some regulated and some are not) to give the impression that they are legit.

Ultimately, we end up with a well orchestrated scheme where investors lose their funds in what looks like a service that financial regulators approved.

The Conclusion

Trading Opportunity is a scam. There is no doubt about it. Their ITBFX branch is just below the pyramid formation as we’ve seen that is on the top with multiple other companies forming the base of the pyramid.

With this information handy, you can make an informed decision not to lose your money. You have the freedom to accept the truth or reject it.

Ultimately, the comment section is open for all to participate. Thank you.