Review: (Signals, Trading Education and Strategy)

Welcome to the review. Is legit or a scam? Well, the service is not necessarily a scam but the motive of their website is questionable as this vendor is a jack of all trades. They come across as desperately wanting to seize every opportunity for selling a trading product or service. And you don’t want to trust such a vendor with your entire investments. If reliable signals or trading education is what you want, I implore you to visit this page for our recommendations. is peddling all manner of services which span across copy trading, strategies, education, consultation, books, funded accounts you name it. In addition to this, they’ve partnered with several third party brokers. Some of the brokers that they want us to create an account with include Ava Trade, Swissquotes, XM, Admiral Markets etc. Whereas nothing is wrong with these brokers, we feel that there’s a fishy motive behind this company’s activities on the internet. Review

The vendor is running this business out of Eastern Europe, specifically in Moldova. The website is in Romanian language. We had to translate it into English to understand their products and services.

The platform is presented as a trading community with solutions for trading and investing in the financial markets. They trade Forex pairs, Stocks, Commodities, Energies and even binary options.

The vendor has also put Forex brokers’ links across the entire website. They’re enticing us to sign up with these brokers through whatever means it takes including presenting “free training”, bonuses and so on.

Courses are divided into other sub-courses and is either free or paid. These courses are prepared by and can cost anywhere between $40 and $271.

In addition to this, traders can duplicate trades of other successful traders on the platform.

They present us with a list of traders who are “performing well” and giving us a button for duplicating their trades.

Clicking that button takes us to a third-party social trading platform called Duplitrade. The question is how the trades are audited by Duplitrade so that we’re sure of 100% authenticity and transparency.

The shocking news is that Duplitrade is also involved in shady marketing tricks where they show strategy providers as always profitable but in the real sense, investors who follow them end up losing funds.

Duplitrade states that they have tough trading performance verification rules. However, it seems that these rules are not followed since the company is only interested in their bottom line — which is to make money from strategy providers.

On the other hand, the service is often marketed to investors as something that will guarantee returns according to the stats displayed alongside each strategy provider.

Because of this, we’ve ruled out that Duplitrade is for the financially unsophisticated. Meanwhile, is partnering with the company to provide copy trading to their subscribers. Trading performance

Now that they sell everything related to trading, we’d like to know whether the vendor is willing to show us verifiable performance.

Towards the bottom of the website, they provide us with backtesting results. We can view the strategies in details or even download them. To download a strategy, you need to sign up with Ava Trade even if this is against your wish.

The problem with how is presenting results is that we can’t verify the authenticity and viability of the strategies.

A service like myfxbook would have been of great help here because we would have tracked results in real time and also analyze the strategy in details. Unfortunately, does not give us this luxury.

The conclusion

The service is not 100% reliable. There’s no telling whether their signals will be consistently profitable, seeing that the owners of are beating around the bush when it comes to verifying their performance.

They pose as a popular Forex trading community but the shocking thing is that not even a single user has left their review of this service.

Thanks for reading. If you have used them before, please leave a comment.