Trading Mastery School Review: The Laurens Bensdorp Scam -

Trading Mastery School Review: The Laurens Bensdorp Scam

Welcome to the Trading Mastery School review.

Trading Mastery School is owned and operated by Laurens Bensdorp. Mr. Bensdorp is popular for his 30 minute stock trader course.

However, he is also offering a “VIP Elite Mentoring” program where he claims that he will teach you secrets of trading that 9 out of 10 traders don’t know.

In this “VIP Elite Mentoring program”, he claims to teach the secret to generating 30% annual and consistent returns whether the stock market goes up or down.

The owner of Trading Mastery School is selling his VIP Elite Mentoring program for a whooping $42,500. Membership into the program lasts 6 months.

The most interesting claim by Laurens Bensdorp is that he is a former money manager who has managed the investments of thousands of people.

Trading Mastery School review

To feign legitimacy, the owner of Trading Mastery School even claims that he has been a full time trader for the last 19 years and has also taught “thousands of students”.

Despite the fact that trading stocks is risky but profitable at the same time, Laurens Bensdorp does not mention any losses.

Instead, he proclaims to have consistently generated 40% to 80% in annual returns and with no losing trade at all.

His marketing materials proclaim that Laurens Bensdorp learned “trading secrets” known by “exclusive traders only”.

In addition to these weird claims, the owner of Trading Mastery School says he can trade your grandmother for 15 minutes on how to become a professional trader.

In this Trading Mastery School review, we shall look at Laurens Bensdorp “trading background”, his 30 minute stock trader book and everything else he proclaims on the sales page.

We’re very careful with trading educators of this caliber; especially those who proclaim to know a “trading secret” that only top traders have.

We’ve seen a few of those ever since this blog started. Examples include Investment Mastery, Trading Options Live, the Currency University among others.

Trading Mastery School review

From his marketing style, I can tell that Laurens Bensdorp is an online swindler as opposed to a genuine stock trader.

He has adapted very clever marketing strategies that enable him to grow in popularity on search engines like Google.

He appears to be actively promoting his book on amazon. The book is known as the 30 Minute Stock Trader.

This book’s title suggests that trading is easy and so attaining financial freedom must be a walk in the park.

Laurens Bensdorp is apparently selling 15 copies of this book each day. This translates to 219 copies every month. This data was given to us by TCK Publishing.

His marketing machine is cleverly designed. But how?

In order to sell this super expensive snake oil trading system going for $42,500, he must find a way to convince people using a book.

Considering the number of copies that sell everyday, we can comfortably say that Laurens Bensdorp is targeting at least 219 victims every month.

Details: The 30 Minute Stock Trader by Laurens Bensdorp

Is this book any good? Yes it is. We purchased a copy for the purpose of writing this Trading Mastery School review.

It contains a trading system that’s easy to program and also backtest. Basically, the trading system buys stock right after pullback.

the 30 minute stock trader by Laurens Bensdorp review

This trading style isn’t new since there are many variants of this trading system but the main idea remains the same.

The way I see it is that the 30 Minute Stock trader book is just a “lead funnel” which Mr. Laurens Bensdorp is using in order to upsell his VIP Elite Mentoring program.

In other words, this guy is in the business of getting more people to enroll in his $42,500 trading course.

Trading Mastery School review: the scam

Laurens Bensdorp is an dishonest internet marketer.

Sometimes last year, he sent letters to unsuspecting victims. These letters could be read by simply clicking a link that redirected the victim to an outright dishonest sales page.

In this sales page, he claimed that he was going to teach the victims how to generate $90,000 in the first year of trading stocks.

However, the condition for getting this secret was that individuals needed to spend $42,500 on Bensdorp’s trading course.

Besides this, Laurens Bensdorp was promising to give victims $250 just for holding a phone conversation with him.

Before this phone call, students would fill a lengthy and intrusive questionnaire to highlight details of their wealth status.

I immediately treated it as a red flag.

It turned out that the $250 was just a scam. The owner of Trading Mastery School wanted victims to send him $250 through PayPal.

After the phone call, he would return the $250 provided the victim was not happy with the phone call.

This is a stupid trick. Actually victims didn’t realize that they were actually buying this phone call for $250.

Does Laurens Bensdorp trade stocks?

Every internet marketer knows his game quite well. But they can also be dishonest and corny if you ignore this one thing- trading performance.

I wanted a redacted statement of this guy’s trading activities before “I could send in the $42,500”.

I explained to him that I wanted his trading statement for the previous year since 40k was not small money and the least I could request was a trading statement from his broker.

This guy’s response was not professional. He claimed that his finances were a private matter and he didn’t like sharing them with anyone.

He also claimed that he had stopped managing funds for investors and that even if he sent his track record, he wouldn’t be sure whether I would interpret it.

This proved to me that Laurens of Trading Mastery School was a total scam artist.


For Laurens Bensdorp to ask this much, claiming that he has the “secret of trading” and getting rich overnight, he must surely reciprocate with a good doze of transparency.

If the owner of Trading Mastery School was or is a “professional money manager”, why is he not registered with NFA, the SEC or FINRA?

Does he believe that consumers are so foolish and desperate to learn trading that they would send him the 40K without any proof of successfully trading?

I doubt.

Trading Mastery School is definitely a stinking scam. You must avoid this trading school like the plague.

Thanks for reading the Trading Mastery School review.

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