Trading Mastery Review: Andrew Barnett’s Scam


Andrew Barnett of Australia is an investment hustler and owner of (Trading Mastery).

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He claims that he can beat the banks, and is earning an income from trading. In addition to this, the owner of is also proclaiming to have taught over 4,000 investors.

The owner of the company is the proprietor of a water skiing business in Australia.

If you need his magic secret, no problem. You can sign up for the free 7 part Intro to Trading Mini course.

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Because of the company’s excellent salesmanship, this would ensure that prospective buyers are sliding down the sales funnel with least effort.

The company’s aim is to make you spend thousands of dollars on trading education which is supposedly more special that what other trading educators teach.

Mr. Andrew Barnett’s marketing mumbo jumbo also proclaims that he learned the magic secret from ex Goldman Sachs and National Australia Bank traders.

He “personally hired them”. He “paid them more than $300,000”. Now he has the trading secret that he wants to sell to you.

Is Trading Mastery by Andrew Barnett a scam? Probably it’s just financial puffery.

Trading Mastery by Andrew Barnett review: What you need to know

The salespage does not talking about the exact details of the strategy. In fact, the company has designed a website that preaches wealth creation by copying the exact strategy that Andrew learned from the big banks.

This is obviously something that the financially unsophisticated will love very much.

The thought of learning the secret to trading the market from a …..Master trader is surely irrisistible. I’m sure.

Do you like the true master trader appearing on TV to reaffirm his experience before you sign up?

Well, Andrew Barnett is a guy on high demand. Other than running his water skiing business, the guy regularly appears on SkyNews. In fact, he tells his audience that he hosts the number 1 show on currency trading.

All of this is what I call spectacular marketing skills. Anyone would fall for it as long as they’re financially desperate.

Is Trading Mastery the right trading school for you?

This business is registered in Australia as Trading Mastery PTY LTD. The company’s website even proclaims that it is registered with the ASIC.

However, a quick search on the ASIC website reveals that the company has been the subject of multiple registration and deregistration by the financial regulator.

Previously the company was known as BLINOVA PASTORAL COMPANY PTY LTD. The ASIC deregistered this company.

I don’t understand the meaning of this kind of pattern but the most important thing to learn is that these incidences speak volumes about the person Andrew Barnett and his business,

Personally, I wouldn’t trust someone whose website has been registered and deregistered several times by any financial authority.

No Trading performance from Mr. Andrew

The only thing you’ll see on the company’s website are pop ups of people who just subscribed for the free trading course.

The trading guru is probably unwilling to disclose trading performance because he does not have any.

Many times I’ve discovered that a trading guru is not what they purport to be. When I exchange emails with them, I often discover that they are people who only want to sucker newbies from whatever balance they have in their credit cards.

They are never successful traders. Even if a track record for this guy existed, they would never share it with us because the company is sure that we’d poke holes and find evidence of mistakes or deceit.

The question that you’d ask is: Does this guy trade and make money from trading? No one really knows.

What am sure about is that he makes money from his skiing business.

The Conclusion

The review was short because we’re closing the day with yet another super trader that can’t prove a thing about his business.

At least he should have highlighted the topics he is going to cover in his free course to entice us a little bit.

I would ask Mr. Andrew who the ex Goldman Sachs traders are, what his track record is and whether some of his 4,000 students can demonstrate success from the magic lessons.

I know it’s going to sting but it’s time that the super trader should man up and confront the situation as is in this review.

Thanks for reading this review. You can always find better ways to learn the market by exploring this material.

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