Trading Heroes Review: The Hugh Kimura Scam

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Welcome to Trading Heroes review.

Trading Heroes is a website that is purporting to teach “the one simple trading strategy” that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Every trading school out there makes irresistible claims just to sell the next “big indicator” or “trading strategy”.

Perfect examples of trading schools similar to Trading heroes include Base camp trading, Live traders, Piranha profits, and Investment Mastery.

This one is owned and operated by Hugh Kimura who claims that is his personal journey to becoming a professional trader.

Trading Heroes review

Hugh Kimura claims that he is teaching the process behind “consistently profitable trading”.

The owner of Trading Heroes wants traders to know that their education cuts through the hype to figure out what works best for each student.

Hugh Kimura claims that he is giving proven, holistic trading strategies instead of “outdated trading psychology techniques”.

They even admit that great traders aren’t necessarily great teachers.

If this is the case, then Trading Heroes is run by someone who is either a coach or a professional trader.

We already know that they’re promoting a bunch of trading mentorship courses and products.

It is therefore evident that Hugh Kimura of is yet another trading guru peddling yet another secret trading strategy.

Thanks for reading the Trading Heroes review.

We will get into the details in the next paragraph to help you make up your mind.

Trading Heroes review

Trading Heroes is one of the most popular trading education websites out there.

According to, this website was created in June 2007.

Has Hugh Kimura traded the financial markets for over a decade?

It seems as if that is the case.

Hugh Kimura must be the most experienced professional trader out there with a clean track record that the world has ever seen.

He even claims that he has worked at a hedge fund.

The following is a list of trading courses/products offered by Trading Heroes:

  • TraderEvo Forex Trader Development Program…… $27
  • Razor Journal……….$7 per month or $3/month paid annually
  • Pin bar alerts indicator…………$29
  • Engulfing bar alerts indicator……..$29
  • Candle range indicator…….$29
  • RSI Alerts………..$29
  • Inside bar alerts……..$29
  • Price level alerts………$29
  • MT4 risk multiple trailing stop….$97
  • Pin bar indicator…………$17
  • Engulfing bar indicator…….$17
  • MT4 Programming Beginner’s Course……$197

In addition to the above, Trading Heroes is recommending a bunch of Forex trading books and a Forex robot called Forex tester.

One license for the Forex tester EA costs $139.

At this point, it is starting to look like Trading Heroes is a Walmart of trading products and services.

Think about this; if Hugh Kimura was a profitable trader, do you think he would be spending much of his time teaching and peddling every other indicator under the sun?

It is not likely.

But who is Hugh Kimura?

Every salesman knows that they must provide a convincing profile to sound credible.

As they sell an entire Walmart of trading indicators, they also proclaim that they’ve worked at a trading desk in California.

This profile does not mention the exact hedge fund where Hugh Kimura worked at.

Sounds like complete baloney!

Mr. Kimura even claims that he helped take down a Forex scam website.

While investigating this claim, I discovered that the blog that was removed was a Google hosted website.

Anyone, and I mean anyone can write to Google about a Forex scam hosted on their platform, blogger.

When this happens, someone at Google will look at the allegations and decide whether or not they’ll take it down.

However, Kimura of Trading Heroes paints himself as a superstar of all things investment.

So how does this relate to Trading heroes?

There’s no relationship at all.

In fact, the owner of Trading Heroes just wants to convince you that he is so good that he cares about your financial well-being.

Let’s ask the hard question now!

The bottom line is that if a trading educator cannot provide evidence of live trading, then it does not matter whatever they say.

Trading Heroes smells fishy because the owner does not provide proof of his trading success.

If Trading Heroes has existed since 2007, it is only fair for Hugh Kimura to show us his documented trading results.

That way, we can believe that he is indeed a Forex superstar.

Unfortunately, Hugh Kimura does not have any proof of live trading.

However, he is a very good salesman. He knows how to stock the shelves with just about every snake oil.

If he can just sell 3 indicators everyday, he can make good money while masquerading as a professional trader.

As a matter of fact, a Forex salesman does not make his money trading.

He makes his money off the credit cards of naive, frustrated and financially desperate folks who think indicators are the answers to financial freedom.

The owner of Trading Heroes is just too happy to sell whatever snake oil is needed.


Thanks for reading this Trading Heroes reviews.

There’s nothing to say about Hugh Kimura except to remind you that despite claiming to be a professional trader, he does not have any proof of live trading.

So this validates my theory…..

That a professional trader cannot be a great mentor and a mentor of Forex trading is just a salesman unless they have proof of live trading.

Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Mike

    What a joke, this person has never dealt with Hugh or purchased his products. How can you write a review on what you read on his website?

    This isn’t a review, it’s pure clickbait.

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