Trading Friends Review: The Scam

Trading Friends is a service that posts signals for Forex, Binary Options, Indices and the Nadex exchange.

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The service also offers trading education. It is operated by “David” who charges $39.95 for a 20 day trial and $2,995 for the entire package which also includes access to a live trading room. operates its live trading room from Monday till Fridays between 7:00am – 1:00pm EST.

Other than signals posted on the live chatroom, David also offers daily coaching, free education in the slack room which are delivered in form of videos, ebooks, quotes, mentoring and so on.

trading friends review David

David of Trading Friends also teaches his trading strategies in addition to giving his students lessons about entry, exit and money management.

Is Trading Friends legit? is not a legit website. Learning material is very basic in nature.

Maybe it can be useful to those who are totally new to trading.

However, as for the intermediate or experienced trader, there will be no need to pay for this learning material.

Furthermore, what David is teaching is already available on the internet for free.

There’s no point paying $3,000 to trade with David. It’s all a lie.

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I’ve also looked at Trading Friends stats page and I found nothing.

The only thing that David has to show for the stats are a bunch of screenshots from users who allegedly made profit with the service.

As you all know, the “testimonials” cannot be trusted and secondly, nobody ever posts negative reviews or testimonials on their site.

If David wants to verify his trading statistics, he should produce his redacted broker statement showing his trades for the last 1 month.

Should you subscribe for services?

This is a bogus service not worth paying for.

David has refused to verify his trading stats and his testimonials are also fabricated.

He follows the same pattern that charlatans use to lure victims to paying thousands of dollars for “training” that is available for free.


If you want to succeed as a trader, use professional trading tools and resources. And these tools don’t have to be super expensive.

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  1. Maria Morieko says:

    this article is completely false. Its not a scam at all and completely must be a competitor

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