Trading Experts Review: Is Scam? was originally established in 2017 to provide stock trading education and mentorship.

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Trading experts is not up to par with what majority of traders are looking for, hence I didn’t feel compelled to include it in our list of the most recommended resources for professional traders.

The owner of the company, Ben G, is claiming that he can teach you how to trade like a Wall Street professional.

In fact, the website of Trading Experts is providing a Wall Street physical address where Mr. Ben G purports to run the company from.

Ben G even claims that he has ‘secret trading strategies’ and he can teach you how to take advantage of legal tax advantages that investment bankers provide to the 1%.

The sales page coos with a lot of financial bimbo and promotion statements which are bordering ridiculousness.

Here are a few examples;

We have trained thousands of swing traders who have not blown up their accounts.

There are many Trading Experts reviews on Facebook, Google and all over the internet.

We are licensed with our Series 56,66 and 7.

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We have over 10 years of trading history.

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These claims are often used by world-class marketers who pose as financial experts, but the truth is that they are purely selling snake oil.

Whether or not there is a verifiable trading statement to confirm Ben’s successful trading is the big question.

What exactly does Trading Experts offer?

Mr. Ben is peddling a step-by-step trading program where he claims students will succeed or he will provide a 100% refund.

Students must pass a 9 step trading program before they can gain access to the Alpha chat.

The Alpha chat is supposedly where students will trade alongside experts and make money as they learn more.

Trading Experts has also created an app for posting trading alerts in addition to weekend trade analysis and recommendations.

This service is provided by another party called “Shake”.

Shake will scan the market for you, find out where the “big money is rotating” and basically make you work easier.

The company is also providing an “exclusive watchlist or newsletter costing $200 monthly in addition to access to a chatroom.

Trading Experts also offers a 90 day trial for the price of $1.

Trading Experts and the marketing

The company is promoting its services at Stocktwits.

This can probably give us a clue about the quality of trading education that the school offers.

For example, all the video clips posted by the company, Ben G and his partner are seen engaging in endless chatting.

They provide no actionable trading advice, like entry, exit and stop loss.

All they talk about is how this stock will do this or do that. I consider this shallow “investment advice” that does not prove anything.

Nevertheless, the reputation of Stocktwits is not all that rosy.

And in as much as a few trading educators who run shop here are genuine, many of them are fraudsters.

Stocktwits’ original idea was to run like Facebook or Twitter with a focus on connecting professional traders with consumers.

As time went by, somehow the swamp became filed by financial bandits who promote all manner of mediocre financial advice and investment products.

Some even claim that they’re licensed while others promote fake trading statements.

Am I saying that Trading Experts is using Stocktwits to defraud students?

No, all I want is concrete proof that Trading Experts is actually helping students to learn the stock market.

The best way to learn trading

Financially naïve folks think they can become successful traders by simply attending a fancy trading school that oozes with colorful language.

This is absolutely not the case.

The only way to learn trading like a professional is to actually learn under someone who can prove that they trade in a live account and their results are consistent.

This person actually needs to show his account statements so we can verify the trades.

In fact, I expect someone with series 56, 66 and 7 certification to be a registered investment advisor and active trader.

Unfortunately, the owner of Trading Experts is not concerned with this proof.

The purpose of Trading Experts is to promote the free 90 day trial, hoping to convert subscribers to buying customers ultimately.

The 10 years of trading experience cannot be verified.

Yet Mr. Ben G is promising to help you setup your 401k.

The doctored reviews of Trading Experts

Mr. Ben and a few sycophants might bash me for this review.

But all I am asking to know is whether the feedback from Facebook and a website called are coming from real consumers of Trading Experts education.

This is because when you are the admin of a Facebook page, it is so easy to moderate comments or even pull them down altogether.

Merely having 5 star Facebook rating from purported buyers does not necessarily equate to providing proof of successful trading.

All I am asking is an account statement which will disclose the trades that Ben G has taken.


Many trading schools are not open and transparent when it comes to trading performance.

This is the case with Trading Experts. If a trading educator is producing successful students, chances are high that he is also trading on the side.

Forget the certifications which may or may not be there at all. This is the ultimate real litmus test.

That is it for today. But I would like to see your comments regarding Trading Experts and if you’ve subscribed, let us know of your experience in the comments.

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