Review: A Deadly Scam Broker tries to feign legitimacy to trap many victims of the Forex marketplace.

Thankfully, reviews like this provide a warning and help for recovering your lost money in case you are a victim.

Tradex-premium pretends to offer a reliable and credible platform for trading Forex, commodities, indices, shares and ETFs.

They promise us that we will never experience requotes on their platform. They also advertise advantages such as fast execution, insurance of funds and 24-hour award-winning customer support.

All of this is meaningless because we know that Tradex-premium is not a regulated broker. It means they will scam you.

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Tradex-premium Review

You can be sure that this broker is lying to its prospective clients regarding their licensing information.

They tell us that Tradex-Premium is operating out of Bahamas and is a subsidiary of Tradex-premium PLC.

Tradex-premium PLC is regulated by the FCA and is based out of London. But this particular broker is not affiliated with Tradex-premium PLC.

The scam broker is lying about their affiliation. It turns out that the broker is based in the offshore region of Bahamas and is not regulated at all.

Tradex-Premium is following the same exact pattern as ASJ Forex Global. That pattern involves lying to customers to try and win their trust.

For example, their site has also posted some badges which depict the awards that Tradex-Premium has won in the past.

We are not able to verify the authenticity of those badges.

Even the insurance is fake. They claim that traders funds are insured up to the tune of $1,000,000. But if the broker is not regulated, they can’t certainly give you any insurance.

Tradex-Premium account types, trading software and more

The broker does not tell us what account types they have for their clients. This means that we can’t establish what the minimum deposit is.

In addition to that, we are not able to see what the cost of spread is and what leverage they offer.

They are quite secretive with this information but big on advertising to lure customers into their fake platform.

In terms of trading software, customers are told that Tradex-Premium offers MT4 and MT5 respectively. Mobile trading is also available as every broker with basic features will offer it too.

How they intend to scam you

Tradex-Premium intends to scam you with high fees and refusal to process withdrawal requests. This is how scam brokers like Solid ECN and Hantec Markets have always done it.

So the method of snatching funds from you is always the same. You put a deposit and you will never see it again.

What to do after you lose money to Tradex-Premium

It is always good to avoid scam brokers in the first place. But if you find yourself a victim, then you have to follow my instructions here.

That will assure you a successful chargeback against the scam broker’s bank account or whatever place they are keeping money in.

The Conclusion

All has been said about Tradex-Premium. They are smart, which is why their website is spiced up.

They intend to steal your money by making all the good promises that most traders fall for. Soon afterwards, a trader becomes a victim necause they fell for the lies.

If you have experience with this bad broker, please leave your comment as well.