Review: A Dodgy Crypto Scam

Tradeste is allegedly offering its clients a chance to buy, sell and trade Cryptocurrencies. But the problem is that Tradeste has no reputation unlike some of the most established Cryptocurrency exchanges that we use today.

Furthermore, this amateurish Crypto scam is neither registered as a company nor licensed.

Their physical address is also quite misleading as our survey team found out that Tradeste is not operating from the stated address.

Actually the website of Tradeste is full of lies from the first word to the last. They believe that a pack of lies is what will help sell their services to the financially naive.

The best way to trade Cryptocurrencies is to utilize these highly recommended trading services and to avoid sites like Tradeste,, Clear Capital Markets and PipTradex.

Tradeste Review: The Eastern Europe scam

Well, this Crypto scam is originating from Eastern Europe. They claim that their business was launched 5 years ago but a little bit of research shows that the website was actaully established in June 2021.

Additionally, Tradeste website states that they currently have over 50k users but it’s quite clear that this is nothing but hogwash.

Their website is very new to start with. They can’t have possibly acquired this number of users within a short period of time even if they were a legit Crypto trading platform.

And of course Tradeste is an anonymously owned and operated website. It is not attached to any known registered entity in Europe.

This makes dealing with them quite risky. Sending them any fees will result in the victim losing their money.

More lies seem to make them legitimate in the eyes of financially naive consumers

Even the support that this company claims to offer cannot be verified. I read somewhere on their website that Tradeste offers 24/7 live chat.

However, a quick perusal around their website shows that this website does not have any live chat functionality.

The supposed Crypto trading platform is just a software that the scammers are using to immitate the market. It is nothing more than a Bitcoin trading script.

A Crypto trading script does not route trades into the market. It’s like trading on a demo. Furthermore, the platform that Tradeste is using was created to make money for the owner of the site, not the consumer.

Also, I wouldn’t trust this platform due to the fact that they lie about their physical address.

If you search companies house data on this website, you will not find Tradeste in the stated physical address.

The Conclusion

I’m sure most of you suspected that Tradeste is a scam by just taking one look at the site.

At this time, we all agree with this review because clearly the site is dodgy, and sending funds to the anonymous owners will result in a loss.