Review: The Chris Mercer Scam! offers trade calls, tools, mentorship and market commentary.

They claim that their service has helped learners trade profitably.

Our question is where are those learners and can we see proof of their trading statements?

Trade Sight even claims that for 2 decades, they’ve helped traders make money in the stocks, Futures, Forex and Options market.

There’s no independent testimonials to confirm the same. However, Chris Mercer (the owner of maintains that he is a professional trader with 17 years of experience.

He is operating this business alongside his partners, Mark Likos and Rich Derrick.

They are using fancy titles such as Head Equity Analyst and Head Futures and Forex Analyst to make traders think that they’re selling the best thing after a slice of bread.

The website’s Facebook page has no following at all, same as their YouTube channel. However, their Twitter account has some following and is active throughout the day.

A look at this Twitter account reveals that one of the operators of is always publishing market commentary but no actionable trade calls.

Meanwhile, they want traders to believe that Tradesight has been around for more than a decade teaching traders how to make money with the aforementioned trading instruments.

To email Chris directly, traders should use the contact [email protected] or call them on 480-857-8637.

They don’t disclose their location on the Tradesight website. However, one of the users of Elite Trader forum forced Chris to disclose where they’re operating from.

Chris of Tradesight reveals that he is operating from Arizona. Mark Likos is allegedly from Walnut Creek, CA while the other partner, Rich Derrick is from New Jersey.

In this Tradesight review, I will be providing a highlight of each of these individuals trading backgrounds and also help you get insights as to whether or not this is a meaningful trading school.

Tradesight Review

I immediately embarked on a journey to discover whether Chris of Trade Sight has provided trading education for the last 2 decades.

Indeed a search can reveal that this domain is over two decades old.

Tradesight offers the following products and services: review: Mentorships

Stocks trading, 6-months mentorship……………………..$3,999

Futures trading, 6-months mentorship…………………….$3,999

Forex 6-months mentorship……………………$3,999

Now, Tradesight expects traders to folk out 4k to join a mentorship program.

Mentorship Pricing Tradesight

The trading educators must demonstrate the worth of the course they sell.

It is a well-known fact that most of these trading educators live off the sales of their trading courses and mentorships, not trading.

Are these guys peddling snake oil in the name of premium trading education?

Facts will confirm whether Chris Mercer and his colleagues are charlatans.

Trade Sight Subscriptions

Stocks ………………………..$169/month



The 3 subscription plans offer traders daily stocks, futures and Forex trading calls and signals.

Subscription Pricing Tradesight

Other features that are offered include market analysis, market levels calculations data, live trading rooms, Tradesight eSignals tools, Private Twitter feed access and discounted prices based on the number of asset classes that you’ll subscribe to at once.

How they operate

Their trade analysts are going to run technical scans during the day and night as well.

They claim that entries will be spotted and delivered to traders in real time.

Their trading room is allegedly a place where market discussion is held.

They also claim to teach how to manage trades and also answer any questions that traders may have.

Additionally, Tradesight claims to have archived their trade calls for the last decade and will also review daily trade calls in addition to providing market overview for the next day’s trades.

Is Trade Sight a scam?

Chris Mercer is a skilled marketer as he goes to many trading forums and investment websites to build his name.

Secondly, there are a few testimonials on the website of Tradesight but the authenticity of these testimonials can never be established.

If you have a website, you can easily fake testimonials as there’s no accountability on what you do at all.

Our job is to spot these trading vendors so we can warn traders that it is possible to fake as many testimonials as the trading vendor would like to.

Thirdly, Chris claims that they’ve documented their trade calls for the last decade.

If this is so, what is so difficult in providing an audited trading statement of the same?

If that is not possible at this time, why can’t they publish these results on their website for everyone to see?

Traders who ask these questions are quickly told to get enrolled in the free trial which is currently going for 2 weeks before a check can be demanded.

Don’t be shocked that neither Chris nor any of the operators of Tradesight can prove that they hold live active trading accounts with their respective brokers.


If you look at this StockTwits account, you realize that Rich Derrick is only providing trade commentary and market analysis.

There are no trade calls from live broker accounts. The same thing applies to their Twitter account.

Now, one would answer that all of these things are found in the Tradesight trading lab.

If that is the case, we would be seeing lots of positive reviews and testimonials from people who have participated in their trading room.

Currently, it looks like members are dormant. One forum by the name Elite Trader has attempted to shade light on who Chris Mercer is and what they are offering on the Tradesight website.

Most of the conversation there revolves around questions regarding the authenticity of Chris and his crew.

There’s not a single trader who claimed that they’ve participated in their trading room and actually made money from a real account.


When they find this Tradesight review, they’ll come out guns blazing because of the obvious reasons:

No evidence of live and profitable trading.

No evidence that students have gone independent and made money from the knowledge they gained from this trading school.

For those reasons, we find it hard to recommend a trading school like this one.

Thanks for reading the Tradesight review. We hope you enjoyed this expose of a trading school run by yet another snake oil internet marketer.