Traders Profit Club Review: The Naeem Al-Obaidi Scam!

Welcome to the Traders Profit Club review.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

You can recover your money here with 100% success rate! is a trading school run by Naeem Al-Obaidi. The website claims to have enrolled thousands of community members.

Naeem claims that through his special skills which has taken him 8 years to master, traders who join Traders Profit Club have managed to use this knowledge to make thousands of dollars in a matter of days.

He even claims in a fake testimonial that Mauricio Ceballos turned $300 into 31K in 5 and a half weeks. We all know that this style of marketing is deceptive and misleading.

Traders Profit Club review

While Naeem Al-Obaidi of Traders Profit Club is denying that he is selling a get-rich-quick program, the fact of the matter is that he is selling snake oil.

He is selling what is supposedly the best training ever on how to multiply money trading Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies and other markets.

Neem and his team are offering the following items for $297 a month:

  • Market analysis ……… Valued at $9,997
  • Over 30 plus hours of technical training……… Valued at $1,997
  • Private Discord Group……………Valued at $1,997
  • Monthly Mastermind Call with Analysts……. Valued at $1,997

He claims that just one trade alone is enough to recoup the cost of membership at

In fact, he claims that once we finish this training, we will travel around the world, make a lot of money for our families, build a 6 figure portfolio and best of all learn how to multiply income from traders who have made it.

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The strategies that are taught at Traders Profit Club are allegedly a secret that cannot be found anywhere else. Neem even dares us to steal his strategies and get massive results in a matter of days.

There is a lot of pressure sales tactics going on in this website.

Neem must be an A-class internet marketer… a similar technique is used by a well-known fraudster dubbed Lady F of LadyF Trader managed accounts service. 

In this Traders Profit Club review, we need to find out who Naeem Al-Obaidi is, how long he has traded and whether or not there are real life examples of students who have made money with his trading courses.

Traders Profit Club Review

This website was created in September 2018 according to

The funniest thing is that Neem of Traders Profit Club wants his audience to believe that he has managed to build a big community of students and expert analysts within a short span of time.

He claims that students will earn an extra $5,000 to $20,000 a month if they steal his secret trading strategies.

But there’s zero evidence to support this claim. Instead, Neem wants his naive students to believe a bunch of video testimonials on his website which are obviously telling lies.

These video testimonials can only be found on the official website of Traders Profit Club and nowhere else.

In fact, there are no reviews or feedback elsewhere from the so-called successful students of

Is it that these students are so successful that they don’t wish to tell the world to join and share their success as well?

It is not likely?

Even the most controversial trading schools out there will attract some reviews and public attention based on how well they market themselves and not because students are successful.

traders profit club mentors

The reason this one has not attracted any reviews yet is because Traders Profit Club is still new but so attractive that the financially desperate who wish to retire early will easily fall for the lie.

Neem’s target lies in the category of people who have tried trading but failed and got disappointed when they lost money.

The second category he is targeting are people who are tired of the daily 9 to 5 grind. And the third category is made up of people who are approaching retirement and are worrying that they won’t have enough in their old age to feed themselves or live a comfortable life.

Once he plays with your psychology, it’s easy to sell you anything because at this point, you’re not thinking rationally.

You’re not asking the very important questions like “Hey, where’s your track record for the last 8 years as you claim to have traded for nearly a decade?”

Or you could even put it like this: “Why didn’t you post your trading results at for the world to see if you claim to be great?”

Such questions will make a fake trading educator go berserk because they realize they’re about to lose a customer and that means losing money.

But who exactly is Naeem Al-Obaidi of

Neem Al-Obaidi of Traders Profit Club

He is supposedly the superman of technical analysis, trend analysis and money management.

He is giving his students the usual rags to riches story where he claims his parents were foreigners.

Like any other trading educator with zero track record of trading success, he lets his students believe that he is making thousands of dollars from the market every year.

Neem even claims that he started trading in 2010 and later on found a new strategy for trading with trends.

To add a dose of credibility to his name, he claims to have partnered with other industry experts in Forex, Cryptocurrencies and stocks.

But this bullshit does not end just yet.

He claims to be the advisor of nearly half a dozen of companies in the blockchain space.

He is allegedly the mentor of over 25,000 students and have appeared in the media alongside people like Steve Wozniak and Gary Vee.

We know that this is not true but even if there was some elements of truth in this story, we would have found evidence long time ago.

Surely, out of the 25,000 students and community members made of dozens of students, isn’t there anyone volunteer who can write his own reviews about this trading school anywhere?

There are many trading forums out there including blogs like Why these students seem to operate like ghosts is the big question.

Why Neem of Traders Profit Club is having an unverified track record is the other big question.

His 20 minutes sales pitch video is making lots of informed people angry. None of the statements being made in that video is having factual evidence and Neem’s story loses credibility altogether.


Traders Profit Club is run by yet another fake trading educator.

There are many of those on the internet. They just know how to market themselves to make their stories believable.

I’ve reviewed several of them before including trading schools run by charlatans who operate Tradesight, Trading Academy (OTA), ProAct Traders and many more.

I’ve noticed one pattern though… and that is the inability to prove a track record.

There’s more of marketing and less of proving how well a trading educator can do in a live market.

Thanks for reading the Traders Profit Club review.

You have to ponder very hard about the questions raised above in this review or you’ll lose your bucks to yet another internet marketer posing as a financial markets expert.

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