Traderpulse Review: Indicators and Signals Scam?

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Traderpulse is a vendor providing fundamental and technical analysis through indicators and manual analysis.

Their most prominent trading indicator is the Range Band indicator for MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.

This is their most touted trading product on the entire sales page, although this developer also wants traders to know that they offer a separate product called Forex analysis app.

Signals sent through their Forex Analysis app are generated manually by their “professional and expert traders”.

TraderPulse has not disclosed information about their trading and development experience. However, a quick check reveals that their website was registered in 2012.

By no means should traders assume that TraderPulse is definitely owned and operated by the same people who started it back in 2012.

This could be the case. However, the possibility that the domain was acquired from another owner is also a viable assumption.

Trader Pulse review

In terms of where they operate this business from, TraderPulse indicates that they’re headquartered in New Castle.

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They can be contacted through However, if traders would like to contact or stay in touch with them via another means, they can reach out to them on the company’s Twitter page.

TraderPulse Review

The sales page is quite professional and organized. The vendor has included a 5 minute video on the homepage to describe how their Range band indicator works and the strategy behind it.

Their Forex signals app is described as user-friendly and precise in delivering entry and stop loss.

Trader Pulse also offers a chance for traders to test their app free of charge.

The advertised success rate for premium users of this Trader Pulse app is 85%.

They also claim that their technical analysis is based on professional trader tools as well as expert strategies.

The vendor does not explain what these “expert strategies” are and neither do they tell us what professional trader tools are in use before signal notification can be sent to TraderPulse Forex analysis app.

The app also takes care of fundamental analysis. TraderPulse has incorporated a feature that lets traders receive news insights.

The second product that Trader Pulse is offering is their manual Forex trading signals.

They claim that they have experts who watch the market using their “most successful tools and strategies” before signals can be sent.

They also claim that this service comes with tons of useful features. Their trade experts will handle everything except money management.

Some of the features they’ve listed in this manual signal service include:

  • Ability to utilize market and pending orders
  • Signal notification alerts
  • Precise TP and SL
  • Trading in up to 18 different currency pairs
  • Intermediate target levels to minimize losses

TraderPulse also claims that their web app is interactive and simple to understand and use. Some of the features included in this web app are as follows:

  • Analysis overview: shows you the currency pair and direction of the market
  • Visual explanation: it provides an explanation of the strategy and direction of the market

Also, the web app does not need to be downloaded on a mobile device as it can be opened using any browser.

TraderPulse Range Band indicator

This indicator is designed to identify low and high points in a range.

The video demonstration on the homepage also depict that the indicator comes with visual depictions such as red and green arrows for signal direction in addition to a histogram which shows us the trend direction.

Trader Pulse gives us an overview of the strategy which they used in building this indicator.

They claim that:

It calculates trade-able range within the particular currency pair. They also want us to know that this strategy is a preparatory formula owned by Trader Pulse INC.

In addition to this, the vendor assures consumers that they take 15 different factors into the calculation of this range formula.

They use different time frames among other factors. TraderPulse believes that if these factors are combined, Ranger Band indicator can pin-point the highest and lowest points of a range for more accurate buy and sell signals.

In terms of technical explanation, the developer is not giving us a proper overview of what is happening under the hood.

They use a vague statement instead. They claim that this Range band indicator makes use of numerous calculations every millisecond.

We would have appreciated if they touched a little bit on these computer formulas.

Subscription packages

Since there are 3 products offered by Trader Pulse vendor, it is automatically assumed that there will be 3 different types of subscription packs.

Their Range band indicator has a one-time price of $289.

The developer believes that with this trading indicator, users will avoid over-trading, develop a proper trading plan, know precise entry and exit and many more.

On their Forex trading app, TraderPulse is offering 3 different subscription packs.

The first plan is free to use and comes with 10 different currency pair analysis. Signals are sent 24/5.

The second plan is known as Premium. It promises 40 to 60 pips per trade and a win rate of 85%.

Subscription costs $57 monthly. Whether TraderPulse can provide evidence of this win rate is something we’re not sure of.

Furthermore, we feel that this success rate is quite high and unrealistic. We don’t feel confident in this claim as yet.

The Pro plan is the 3rd subscription package. It costs $147 every 3 months. They claim this plan is good because better trading results will be achieved due to “extra help”.

For traders who want to download and use their Forex signal app, the vendor is offering 3 subscription packs. Of course the first plan is free.

Users are promised up to 3 signals analysis every day, 60% win rate, trading on major and minor pairs, technical analysis and short term trades.

In the second plan (Premium), traders pay $39 monthly and are promised:

  • 85% success rate
  • Trading of all FX pairs, plus Commodities and Cryptocurrencies
  • Intra-day plus short and long term alerts
  • 3 to 4 daily signals
  • Technical and fundamental analysis

Finally, the pro plan costs $99 and paid on a quarterly basis. Features remain the similar to those in the Premium plan.

However, TraderPulse provides “unique simple strategies” as added benefit.

Traderpulse review: trading results

This vendor has not provided their trading results because they have not tested their indicators and signals either.

We generally don’t buy indicators that have not been tested and found to be viable.

The vendor has not provided trading results for their signals which means that they’re possibly not trading any live market.

In this era, vendors of Forex products must use platform to verify their trading results. There will be no excuse.


In as much as TraderPulse products look and sound professional, we feel that the company is not inspiring enough trust given that no verified trading results have been presented.

This is quite common with trading product vendors. Our previous reviews such as Orderflows, FMIND order flow, and Dyno Trading have highlighted this issue too.

Trader Pulse has also published some reviews on their website to depict that users left feedback on their products. These reviews cannot be authenticated and we therefore assume they are fabricated.

At this time, we feel that consumers who have enough time should only utilize their free plan to gauge the quality of the signals offered by the team.

We highly discourage starting right away with any of the paid packages since we don’t know the quality of their trading at this time.

Thanks for reading the TraderPulse review. We look forward to your comments.

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