Trader Insight Review: Premium Trading Service or Scam?

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Adrian Manz is the owner of Trader Insight (, and this review focuses on all the trading products that he peddles at Trader Insight.

We’re unable to add it to this list of top trading products because the company owner is a perennial loser in the financial markets. He is not able to provide evidence that backs his reason for selling a trading product for thousands of dollars.

He only claims that he is empowering traders through expert education. The quality of this education cannot be determined upfront unless one risks a substantial amount of non-refundable money.

Just like WageFX, Income Bright, Bulls Edge and other trading schools that can’t guarantee quality for the top dollar, Trader Insight is using clever marketing strategies which can be really harmful to the unsuspecting consumer.

Adrian Manz is basically selling financial education in addition to “premium” services that he believes can help you prevail in your quest to master the markets.

The cost of these trading products range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Additional services like coaching students privately will cost $10,000 per hour and an additional $5,000+ thereafter.

Due to the unreasonable pricing that clearly takes advantage of the financially naïve, it’s in our best interest to investigate Adrian Manz to find out whether he is indeed a professional trader with a track record of profitable trading.

A professional trader can help you master the markets but a salesman will just sell you financial snake oil and charge you thousands of dollars for it.

Breakdown of all products sold at Trader Insight is the Walmart of trading products. There is a trading product for all kinds of traders.

Here’s a list of things that Trader Insight is selling:

1.Opening Gap Scan…. $2,040 annually

2.Fast Ball XRV……. $3,050 annually

3.Daily Income Trader….. $2,040 annually

According to Adrian Manz, the above trading products are collectively known as “The world’s most tactical intraday trading programs”.

Apart from the above products, the company is also peddling dozens of other products whose prices range from $35.95 to $3,000 per trading course.

Who is Adrian Manz of Trader Insight?

Adrian Manz is proclaiming to be a successful trader who has also been featured in numerous publications.

Many bogus financial educators like to leverage on this clever marketing trick with the goal of convincing consumers to purchase their products.

If they appear on these magazines, people will believe that they are legitimate and so people will tend to believe they are profitable traders.

Adrian Manz leaves in Pacific Palsiades, CA 90272. He holds a Masters degree in Psychology and an MBA in International Business and Finance.

He claims that his trading style relies on statistical, technical and fundamental analysis. He also claims that he started trading professionally in 1998.

My question is whether Adrian Manz can show us his personal trades. Someone who has traded for decades must surely be proud of his trading performance.

Trading performance

It’s quite embarrassing that despite Trader Insight selling their products for thousands of dollars, the owner has no verifiable track record.

Manz’ website is only a selling portal that convinces consumers to make expensive purchases without the backing of any trading performance.

This is how people lose money, especially people who believe anything they are promised on the internet is truth.

Clearly, this is a fake trading guru. His only claim to fame is his appearance on Forbes magazine but this does not equate to profitable trading in any way.

There has been a mountain of complaints regarding his so called live trading services. It is quite clear that he is not a consistently profitable trader.

Yet he would like sell you a trading course worth $3,000 per year plus personal coaching costing $5000 per hour.

Is this a scammer?


Mr. Manz of Trader Insight has learned the art of selling on the internet. This is the skill he uses to deceive the financially naive who won’t request for his trading performance.

If he was as profitable as he claims, he wouldn’t be peddling this sort of financial snake oil on the internet.

The bottom line is that this guy’s supposed trading prowess cannot be trusted and spending all that money on his products will ultimately lead to regrettable losses.

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