Trader House Review: Another Deadly Scam (

We review Trader House with the understanding that the company is not a legit Forex and CFDs broker, and thus cannot be trusted. The company is operating the website and is registered in the UK with the name Panelid Limited. The minimum deposit is $10,000 which I feel is quite high considering that the website has only been around for 3 months.

You’d rather invest that money in a well-known investment fund or trading system that has been approved by us and the trading community across the internet as this will safeguard your investments.

Trader House owners have not built any reputation since the company named Panelid Limited was incorporated in December 2021. The scammers went ahead to purchase a 2 decade old domain around the same month. website domain has been up on sale ever since the year 2000 as confirmed by the Internet Archives website. It’s a trick that serious scammers use a lot to try and create an impression that the company is established. They know the tricks to making investors trust them.

Trader House Review: The lies are one too many

Since the deposit requirement is a significant investment (one that you can’t afford to lose), the scammers pretend to offer you a financial manager, a custom trading platform, risk management lessons and VIP club access.

The VIP club access is the product that will do the most financial harm to you as it costs $500,000 to join.

The scammers will then offer you access to a trading platform with opportunities to make money from Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, Indices, Commodities and Spot metal.

Trader House indeed offers you a platform with these features in place. But as you trade, the person on the other end will convince you that all your trades are profitable since they can always trade in your favor or against you.

Once you make a profit and make your withdrawals, a pestering call will come from somehow asking you to increase your deposit so that you can make more money from your trades.

The scammers will only let you go when they have exhausted your bank account.

Trader House is not licensed anywhere

Considering that this neat scam is based in the UK, we expected them to at least report their activities to the local financial regulator, in this case the FCA.

This is not the case because Trader House is not regulated by any financial watchdog, let alone the FCA.

This makes them fall into the same category with Quwiex ponzi scheme and other dubious offshore brokers who thrive in areas like the St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The bottom line is that an unregulated financial company is a dangerous platform which cannot offer you help other than to steal your money. has scammed you, now what should you do?

It’s quite easy. You have to fill out the form above or engage a professional on the live chat. It’s free and without any obligation. If your case qualifies for chargeback, then the professinal agents will help you recover your lost funds.

The Conclusion

As we have said earlier, is a scam site offering illegal financial services since they have no valid license.

They are going to tell you one lie after the other and if you are not careful, you lose all your money.

Drop your comments if you’ve been scammed so that you can help our audience.

  • 最近在Trader House开了账户,存入250元美金,之后他们要求增加资金10000元美金,但这太高了,我付不起。

  • 在网上找投资公司要找有诚信,对双方有保障和已受政府监管的公司。因我们每个人赚錢都不容易,不想被骗。