Trader Gold King Review: EA and PAMM Account a Scam!

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The official website of the vendor can be found at The vendor’s Telegram channel can be found here. 

Trader Gold King’s website introduces an anonymous person called “James” and claims that he has successfully traded Gold for 5 years and used Trader Gold King EA for 2 years, consistently making 10% to 20% monthly.

The English is so bad that it makes us believe this website is run by some guy from India or one of those non English speaking countries.

‘”James” provides a Gold trading expert advisor and a PAMM accounts service to investors who don’t wish to use his EA.

He however claims that his PAMM service will be closed down once he reaches the 1 million target.

This claim sounds gimmicky and even some parts of this website are a bit suspicious. Earning claims on the Trader Gold King website cannot be authenticated.

The vendor even claims that 60% of the profits generated by his PAMM account will go to his clients, 30% to charity and 10% to fees.

Trader Gold King review

Nowhere in this website do they provide a breakdown of their fees. In addition to this, they’ve not disclosed whether or not fees are charged based on high water mark principle.

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We’ve looked at the minimum deposit requirement and realized that this is a terrible joke.

Minimum deposit for the Trader Gold King PAMM account start at $100 and the vendor also claims to provide bonuses for deposits.

We’re not sure how this works because James claims to be a coder and an experienced trader. How he provides these bonuses is not clear.

By the way, we already feel that Trader Gold King is a suspicious website.

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Trader Gold King review

Their Trader Gold King EA is now on version 2.0. It’s not clear when the first version was released.

The vendor is advising traders looking for 50% to 100% returns per month to look elsewhere and also encouraging those looking for up to 20% monthly returns to use his Gold King EA.

They’re also insisting that traders should learn how to use the Trader Gold King EA since they’ll soon shut down their PAMM account once revenue hits 1 million dollars.

Support seems to be offered on Telegram. They’ve provided a link to their Telegram channel for this.

Additionally, the owner of Trader Gold King website claims that they’ve been running a successful trading academy for the last 2 years.

They can also provide consultation services on how to trade Gold.

Their background story is however not convincing since it sounds like made up stuff.

They’re anonymous and that’s one thing and two, they’re using the classic rags to riches marketing stunt to make traders believe their story.

I was very poor 7 years ago. After i met my master. He guided me what is forex, how to trade with his formula. But it’s too hard due to i lack of financial experience. I took 2 years to code GOLD (v1). Finally, my life is getting good! FOREX CHANGED MY LIFE!

Trader Gold King Expert Advisor Review

We needed to see how this EA works. That’s to say we need to know the trading methodology involved.

Different automated trading systems have different ways of identifying opportunities to enter and exit the market or even cut back on losses.

We needed the owner of Trader Gold King EA to hold a brief discussion on how this EA is able to enter the market and control risks.

Unfortunately this information is missing and the only thing we can find is non-related information to fill up that section of the website.

Instead of giving us what we want to hear with regards to how the software works, he tells us that this EA is very special to him and is broker-sensitive.

They also tell us that Trader Gold King EA needs time to be properly tuned. Basically, what they’re providing is vague and not relevant to what we’re looking for.

This is yet another red flag that this EA is not effective at all.

PAMM Account

We’ve said that this product offering is a joke. There’s no information about James’ PAMM account.

The only thing he is trying to put emphasis on is how a part of the money is going to be donated to charity and how compounding is going to help.

Furthermore, this investment operation is not providing the traditional PAMM account for investing. Instead, “James” is accepting deposits through a personal Skrill account.

This is a huge red flag.

With no trading strategy in sight to back their claims of creating a profitable EA, one can only wonder what will happen if they trust this faceless trader with their money.

Trading performance

There’s no results. The 10% to 20% monthly returns cannot be verified.

The only thing that is available is a page full of Telegram screenshots of supposed profits generated by the EA.

These figures are obviously fabricated. How do you expect someone who does not have a trading strategy to produce a genuine trading statement?

The PAMM account is also not backed by any results. This is a red flag.


It is best to avoid Trader Gold King at all cost. We believe that this is a classic representation of a scam. It is not legitimate trading.

The name “James” is also a pseudo, don’t believe this nonsense. Thanks for reading this Trader Gold King review. There’s nothing to be expectant about regarding this false website.

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