Review: Trade Quick Option a Scam!

Welcome to Trade Quick Option review. invites investors to come and trade Forex, Binary options and Crypto on their platform. However, there’s no actual trading platform on the Trade Quick Option site.

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Instead, what they have is something called “investment plans” where traders deposit a minimum of $200 to get 25% ROI in 24 hours. Obviously this sounds too good to be true.

Therefore, it’s imperative that we analyze Trade Quick Option in details to let you know whether or not the site is legitimate.

Trade Quick Option Review was launched in December 2019 and according to their website, Trade Quick Option is a company incorporated in Canada. Support can be contacted using the email

However, phone number has not been revealed because Trade Quick Option believes this feature is for “VIP” clients. We feel that this is quite weird and unusual. No serious investment company can deny its clients the right to inquire via the phone. At least people want to hear their voices before trust can be cultivated.

Their about us page does not disclose details of the owner or team members.

tradequickoption review

Instead, Trade Quick Option provides vague details of what they do. Some parts of the text even appear to contradict what they claim to do. For example, Trade Quick Option initially stated on the homepage that they are a company that offers trading in Forex, Binary Options and Crypto.

However, their about us page appears to refute the claim by insisting that they only deal in Cryptocurrencies like BTC, XRP, ETC, and ETH.

TradeQuickOption also states that they use advanced investment techniques to guarantee huge returns even when the price of Crypto is falling. They claim that investors have a 100% guarantee that their money will not be lost if they “invest” it with TradeQuickOption.

If these guys seriously believe that their account statement is profitable, do you think they would be begging investors for as little as $200 to join them?

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Before we even ask this question, do you believe that a “successful” investment firm like TradeQuickOption can opt to remain anonymous?

Who is their CEO? Who are their employees? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves before throwing a couple of bucks into the project.

So far, what we’ve seen on their about us page does not convince. It is very different from what we expected.

TradeQuickOption review: the investment plans

There are 4 investment plans offered by TradeQuickOption in total. The “VIP” investment plan promises 100% returns in 48 hours if you invest $2,000.

What they essentially mean is that if you put in $2,000, you will get another $2,000 in the next 2 days.

Now, this is the description of what people call an investment fraud. When you are a person who likes to throw their money into such websites because you;’re greedy, you will find yourself losing money all the time.

There is no trading that can double your investment in 2 days. In fact, even the most aggressive of traders have reported that when they doubled their risk, they ended up churning and burning their accounts.

Therefore, these “investment plans” are basically a way to lure the financially unsophisticated. This is different from what we know as true investment.

TradeQuickOption review: why this is a cheap scam

If you want to offer an investment service where consumers wire money to you and you offer them a ROI in return, you must be licensed as a CTA (if you’re in America).

This is typically the case in all developed countries expect shady ones with no strong regulatory framework.

The reason as to why TradeQuickOption is not registered and licensed is beyond our explanation.

But we already know that this is illegal and therefore can be considered an investment fraud.

Secondly, we cannot understand why the operators are anonymous yet they continue begging for peanuts.

This should be a red flag in itself. We don’t think they would be asking for $200 if they were successful.

Thirdly, you need to know why they’re not providing third party verified trading statements to prove their allegations. It is one thing to say you are a successful Crypto investor but it’s quite another to back it up with proof. None of this has been addressed on the TradeQuickOption website.

And fourthly, this website uses fabricated testimonials which were obviously posted by the owner of the website on his own website. They hardly convince. It is such a shame to slap stock photos on the fabricated testimonials.


TradeQuickOption is a silly scam. It is suspicious just like this Gold buying and selling scheme. If you want to lose your money, go ahead and give it to them. But if you’re sane, please avoid websites operating like Trade Quick Option. They are an illegitimate investment operation and a scam.

21 Responses to “ Review: Trade Quick Option a Scam!”

  1. Norman Ganelang says:

    I was scammed by this crooks called and I’m going to post all over social media platforms to make people aware of this crooks. Also a crook named Barry Silbert who is the mastermind behind this scams is going to be exposed as well he is stealing from the poor

    1. Ruben says:

      My name is Ruben I was also scammed by lady called Elisa phenyo working with some Nigerian man

  2. Motlagale Pauline Makwa says:

    I have been trying to loginseveral times but I failed

  3. prince says:

    I have already deposited $200 and my account looks promising. I was then told to deposit another $600 in order for my funds to be released direct to my bank account and now i can’t even get the list of my trading. Very heart broken.

  4. Innocent thapelo says:

    I have deposited R8000 so they can release my profit now they want R15 000 and have that money so how can I get my R8000 back I have to pay people back there money pls help am in big trouble

    1. Ulrich Eiseb says:

      I also lost alot of money and they are all saying the same thing

    2. Ayanda says:

      I too pay 8000 for upgrading of my software trading card. now l’m told if l want do suçcessful withdrawal l m pay 12000 .they ask my bank details and my proof of resident

      1. Siyavuya Sigijimi says:

        They ask me R42000 bro

  5. Tebogo says:

    Tradequick options company is not a scam I have made my withdraw yesterday there’s Notting like scam there you people should stop carrying false news

    1. Priscilla says:

      Please give me more information about withdrawal

      1. Mod says:

        There is no more information about withdrawal since it is a scam.

    2. Tshepo says:

      Tebogo who is your expert trader

  6. Sifiso says:

    We are here to inform you that your trading account has be placed on upgrade due to the fact that it is a new trading account. It needs to be upgraded to Classical account..your account is on Regular account.your profit has crossed the limit amount that can be traded on Regular account and its needed to be upgraded to Classical account where we can be able to trade more for you before we can then ask you to click on withdraw..please do not click on withdraw on your trading account because our software is still installed in your trading account we are not done in trading for you.The upgrade fee to boost your account to Classical account is just R6,000 .
    This is what happened to me today, I also lost my money.

  7. Palesa says:

    I was also asked 10000 to release my profit and my banking details and after putting that money they want 15000 to release my profit. All of a sudden they are not responding because I told them that they are crooks. They are stealing from the poor.

  8. Siyavuya Sigijimi says:

    I also paid out R8k after investing R3k so they wanted R42k so that they can release a withdrawal card and that was my last R 11000 I got from my Provident fund

  9. Clarence says:

    I also lost R3k now they say I must pay R8k to upgrade my account. Luckily after paying that R3k I googled them and saw that they are steal from the poor. Please inform people so that they can’t do this to other people. They are truly crooks.

  10. Vincent says:

    wow… I also invested money on this so called “tradequickoptions”I don’t know what to believe anymore I’ve invested R1 000 and after 2 days it has Over Run as they say I’ve managed to make $6000 which is equals to R100 000, now they need R6 000 for me to upgrade to Classical Account, and I’m still saving to make that R6 000, but my Expert Trader said I should get R3 000 and he’s gonna help me the remaining R3 000, So I don’t know what to do….

  11. Zandile Maluleka says:

    I invested R5000 hoping to get R55000 and now the broker says i must deposit R 8000 to make my withdrawal successful and change my account to classic account
    I lost my hard earned money

  12. hi Noman how are you

    They told me to invest with a minimum of R3000 in seven days i will get R33 000

  13. Albert says:

    We’re all complaining about Tradequick option i too lost R 3000 and so far only Tebogo got his /her money back and think we’re making stories so what is the way forward ?

  14. Moeketsi says:

    This guys, from tradequickoption, are the greatest scam of the century. They took of with my R100k+, was an idiot to transfer such a lot of money. Tebogo, pls tell me how you got profit. I am chatting with the guy, from there, now and he is asking me to send him R32000 for my card to be sent to south africa. Every time it’s their turn to send money they have an excuse. We lost signal pls send R10000, pls send this for that. They refuse to give details of their south africa based clients to confirm for a testimonial. These people don’t have hearts, no conscience whatsoever. I am embarrassed, really, to not have checked them.

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