Review: Silly Scam

Tradenary is ‘mining’ Cryptocurrencies for you. It is returning ‘high interest’ on your deposit. The scam is asking for a $100 minimum deposit because it is very cheap but if you want to go ‘premium’, they will ask for a $5,000 minimum. If you don’t want to be scammed, invest this money in these recommended trading and investing platforms.

The problem is that naive investors will trust Tradenary since it sounds legitimate. For example, they say that the company owns Premium Bitmain Antminer S9i PRO in addition to other mining machines. They further claim that the machines produce 50 Megawatts and that they are set to expand the farm to produce 300 Mega watts.

Tradenary also claims that the address of their mining farm is 30 East Main Street, Darvel, Ayrshire, KA17 0HP. Our survey team has gone to this address and did not find the existence of a Bitcoin mining facility.

This scam is however not anticipating people to investigate them. They are thinking that investors will just place a deposit and expect them to pay out profit.

Who is Tradenary?

They are a group of thieves pretending to host a Crypto mining facility. They are also pretending to operate out of Australia.

In the real sense, they are an anonymous group of individuals. Not even their ‘customers’ who are victims have ever seen their faces.

The group has verified their physical address on Google reviews but as we have said, we did not find them in this location.

In short, Tradenary is a scam site that will take your money and run away.

Dan Sanford who is supposedly the CEO of Tradenary is actually an imaginary name. There is no profile of the said person. They are just cooking up names for purposes of making their illegal operation seem legit.

Is Tradenary licensed to offer asset management?

Mining of Cryptocurrencies is expensive and profits are declining every day. But this scam site is promising fixed returns on a consistent basis.

Even if they were truly mining Crypto, they would reach a point where paying out profits would not be possible.

We are just looking at these things from a critical standpoint and letting you know in this review that the site will take away your money and disappear with it.

The truth about Tradenary that nobody is talking about

The only way a site like this one can operate and make payouts is if they are having a constant stream of new deposits.

This is because you cannot pay out returns if you are not engaging in any profit generating activity.

Because this site is not mining Crypto, you can be sure that any profits that will be paid out will have come from new deposits.

The new depositors will cry foul. And there is also no way to verify that you are a new depositor. The site can disappear anytime from now.

Ponzi schemes are illegal by the way, and Tradenary is one of the illegal ponzi schemes on the internet.

The Conclusion

We urge you to avoid Tradenary because the site is engaging in illegal financial activities where they collect money from new users to pay those who signed up earlier.

The math behind a ponzi scheme guarantees that it will fall apart and the owners will run away with whatever little is remaining.

In other words, Tradenary is a fraud. Avoid.