Review: Is Tradefx Legit or Scam?

Welcome to the review. claims to provide trading in Forex, Cryptocurrencies and CFDs on stocks, indices, Oil and Gold.

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According to Tradefx marketing material, investors are entitled to bonuses of up to $5,000. They also claim to provide the usual trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5 software.

At the same time, they list their “investment packages” with minimum deposit starting $10 only.

While suggests that they’re offering services that are similar to those of a Forex broker, confusion arises because their landing page announcing “investment plans” which are akin to those of a ponzi scheme.

In addition to this, claims that they provide smart compounding investing.

Their marketing materials also proclaim that TRADE FX-LIMITED (the company behind TradeFX) is registered in the UK and regulated by several financial watchdogs. review

They want investors to believe that this company’s “investment” activities are regulated in countries like the UK, Cyprus, Singapore and in Australia.

The footer of the website contains text suggesting that is run by a brand that is involved in running multiple trading names. These include:

  • TRADFX PTE LIMITED: A stock exchange and Cryptocurrency investing company. This one was allegedly the first to be regulated.
  • PLYTECH FINANCIAL TRADING INSTRUMENT: They claim this one is regulated by the FCA.
  • Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd: They claim this one is regulated by Australian ASIC
  • TRADE FX PTE. LTD: allegedly a private company limited by shares and registered in Singapore

In truth, incorporating a website that provides financial services doesn’t mean much.

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What matters in our Trade FX review is whether they are regulated and have a reputation.

To contact this “broker”, investors can contact +37166164076 or use the emails provided on their website.

Even if you’re going to skim through this Tradefx review, we ask you to at least read a few points of our review in the disadvantages section.

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Whoever designed this website is an experienced web developer probably a freelancer from India.

Their target audience seem to be in the category of “investors” desperately looking to become rich overnight.

Looking at what tells investors, one gets the feeling that this is a ponzi scheme with a paint job.

Their promises are ridiculous.

For example, they make the following proclamations which they expect investors to believe:

“TRADE FX-LIMITED has $457 billion under management”

“It has raised $58.3 billion in the last 5 years.”

“2,400 staff members are working for the company.”

“TradeFX invests in portfolio companies earning $79 billion in annual revenue and employ 470,000.”

“Trade FX was founded in 2004 by two brothers.”

Funny thing is that we’re not able to verify any of these claims. It appears that TradeFX Ltd is a clone of this company. 

The website of the company which they’re cloning is found at This website is down. Seems the company is out of business. also runs another shady website called This is basically a broker operating from England, providing trading accounts for a minimum deposit of $250.

Trade FX also claims that their CEO is called MR. GABRIEL ROSS. The only MR. GABRIEL ROSS we know is a furniture and lighting shop located in Canada.

In other words, this name is a pseudo and a made-up persona which is essential in making TradeFX look legit.

Trade FX Investment packages

Instead of providing real MT4 and MT5 trading accounts, this website/broker provides investment packages.

This is a big problem because at one point, the anonymous admins will require users to send money to them.

They’re just going to credit the fake balance in the user’s backend dashboard. This is actually not real money since withdrawals cannot be processed.

There are 6 investment packages in total providing 30% ROI in 10 trading days and up to 400% ROI in 30 trading days (business days).

They even provide a calculator function on the TradeFX website to fantasize on the potential incomes that investors can earn if they put their money in this website.

Their way of operation is of course suspicious.

Why is a scam and illegal investment scheme?

Their investment services is allegedly restricted to the following countries: Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique and Democratic Republic.

Now, the irony is that this shady investment operation is allowing members across the globe which also include investors in the US.

According to the SEC, broker-dealers providing a ROI to residents of the United States must be registered in order to legally provide securities.

This rule is not adhered to by because it is a scam.

Secondly, they don’t have a real trading platform hence they don’t qualify to be called a Forex broker.

They just want investors to open accounts and deposit money. From there onward, they’re supposedly going to pay a ROI from their trading activities.

This is basically a ponzi scheme that amounts to a scam because no evidence has been presented to suggest that they actually trade anything.

In fact, this is how a scam called Wellington and York Partners runs its shady affairs thereby scamming an unknown number of victims.

Conclusion is a scam. Before we forget, they’re also leveraging on Trustpilot fake reviews to create the impression that they actually make money for clients.

Trust Pilot is the Mecca of fake trading reviews where scammers fabricate comments while promoters of fake money recovery schemes are roaming all around.

We can’t recommend in our wildest dream. We can’t endorse a scam. That’s how it is.

Thanks for reading our review. Provide your feedback because we do appreciate your comments and opinion as well.

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