Review: an Investment Scam is providing “trading services” out of the United States while disregarding licensing requirement in the country. It appears that Tradedwellterm is basically offering a shady binary options trading platform where clients can choose whether an instrument will go up or down. There’s no take profit or stop loss in this kind of setup.

The site appears to be a very clever and sophisticated scam since they lie that the platform offers trading in various Forex and Crypto instruments but upon creating an account, we fail to find a satisfactory trading platform. In other words, is not a genuine broker. You can’t use the best trading systems and signals on this broker’s platform since there is no MT4, MT5 or cTrader to use.

Furthermore, Tradedwellterm is marketing itself like a Forex and CFDs broker giving access to the global financial markets and allowing clients to trade with precision. Tradedwellterm is also claiming to provide free trading signals for 30 days as well as copy trading services.

The website suggests that clients can trade Forex, options and Crypto pairs respectively. They want their clients to choose from the multiple trading plans starting from $500. Nevertheless, they fail to provide the kind of transparency that is needed from brokers and financial institutions.

They are basically trying to play the game of a deadly investment brokerage scam such as Vita Capitals, CDG Global and Stallion Capital.

Tradedwellterm Review: What you don’t know about the scam site

Tradedwellterm says on their website that they offer transparent pricing and fast, reliable execution. Unfortunately, the platform is not connected to any liquidity provider or exchange. There’s no way they can provide transparency when the scammers are just running a simple script on their website that provides a simple interface for buying and selling.

The broker also has a link to a demo account. Surprisingly, this link does not lead to any demo account. Instead, it leads to a page where visitors will be required to open a real account and deposit at least $500.

There is no demo account here. It is all a lie.

The platform does not offer trading signals or copy trading feature either. When we signed up, Tradedwellterm requested that we upload KYC documents. But this is not needed when accessing a demo account.

The reason they can’t let us see what is inside is because the people who ran Tradedwellterm are scammers that thrive on secrecy.

They don’t want people to know that they are playing the silly game of binary options where clients stand to lose all their money to the broker.

Tradedwellterm is an illegal broker with no license

We are even doubting their supposed physical address since our survey team visited the area and found no sign of an office in that exact location.

Tradedwellterm could be lying about the country where they operate from. They are probably operating the scam virtually from a basement of a residential property.

This is why they don’t have a broker’s license. We and not sure whether clients will be able to trade by themselves on this platform since there’s no sign that this is a fully fledged broker.

In short, Tradedwellterm is an illegal website.

What to do if you have been scammed by Traded Well Term

You should fill out the form at the beginning of this review as soon as possible or engage a professional in the live chat section of our website.

They will evaluate your case for free and provide further direction which you must follow if you wish to recover your lost money quickly. These guys can also help you recover your money from any type of scam on the internet. So victims of romance scams are also welcomed!

The Conclusion

Tradedwellterm is just a clever investment scam site that is luring victims using talks of trading and financial prosperity.

Nothing that they promise can materialize as this is probably a ponzi scheme as well. We did not find any copy trading or signal services on the platform either.

Avoid the scam at all cost.