Review: American Losing Trader?

The website of Trade Currency Now ( has caught the attention of the community because the platform is build like an online news portal but is actually offering managed Forex accounts and trading education services. Trade Currency Now is not very transparent with pricing, which is the number one reason the community insisted we should not include them in our list of recommended trading and investing platforms.

The TradeCurrencyNow website is run by Anthony Dichi. Mr. Anthony is currently soliciting investors to deposit money into a Forex MAM account where he will then trade his customers’ deposits. While nothing is wrong with this practice in general, we feel that Antony of Trade Currency Now is actually not a professional trader, and getting consistent profits from such people can always be a pipe dream.

TradeCurrencyNow Review

Every beginner who failed and turned into a trading educator has a story to tell. Their story is often something along the lines of how they spent tens of thousands of dollars in trial and error.

Mr. Anthony is repeating the same marketing language that all the other supposed trading gurus are using to gain the trust of investors.

He claims that he has spent tens of thousands to build a ‘Forex trading foundation’.

He now wants to sell you his trading education or managed trading account services at an undisclosed cost.

He also claims that he has figured out which trading company (broker), computer system, chart and platform works.

Another marketing language that he uses is that he keeps his clients base to the minimum.

This salesman basically wants to make you imagine that TradeCurrencyNow is offering a rare to find opportunity on the internet.

Most of the time starting a conversation with such a marketer will lead you to trusting them and giving their service a try. This is how many investors have come to lose their money.

TradeCurrencyNow does not have any customer feedback

We searched for reviews of this trading service and found none. A great service must always have feedback from happy clients. This is unfortunately not the case here.

So how exactly does Anthony want us to believe that he is a professional trader with years of track record and experience?

No track record of professional trading on the Trade Currency Now website

The website of Trade Currency Now does not post results of Mr. Anthony’s trading.

We would have excused him if he was not offering his services to the public. But here’s a case where this individual is soliciting investors with a managed Forex account. So proof of successful trading is actually necessary before we make up our mind.

The Conclusion

TradeCurrencyNow will not provide you with profitable Forex trading services. It is just a webpage which is updated with currency news and a bit of marketing language here and there.

As a matter of fact, this ‘professional trader’ was selling masks during Covid 19 period. His Twitter page shows that he was busy hawking masks and not trading currencies. Lol.