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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is the website of Tradebot Investments Ltd. The company allegedly has an automated Crypto trader which they’re offering to the public. was anonymously registered in October 2020. So this website and product is only a couple of days old as at the time of writing this review.

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We don’t feel safe recommending companies that have zero reputation.

A good managed account provider should demonstrate their seriousness through professional website design, serious track record and irrevocable investor testimonial. review

We generally expect vendors to be transparent with all their information in order to be trusted.

The only thing we know about is that it is operated from the UK.

The “about us” page of Tradebot Investments Ltd provides a couple of features and advantages concerning the robot instead of mentioning names of company executives and their level of experience.

It is difficult to believe that this is a serious company. In fact, we know that fraudsters are fond of using UK virtual company registration to feign legitimacy.

This registration does not say how authentic the operation of the business is.

So this brings us to the question of whether Tradebot Investments Ltd is a scam or not. review

From the word go we didn’t like the look and feel of this website because it gives the impression that this is nothing more than a HYIP.

Indeed we looked at the website and found that there isn’t any proof of trading using a Cryptocurrency bot.

Instead, they want investors to create an account, choose an “investment plan” and wait for daily ROI.

This is a typical example of a HYIP and we have always said these websites are a fraud.

Once you send your money to the anonymous owner on the other end, they will post fake profits and ask you for more fees in order to “get your money out”.

Nonetheless, insists that they are trading Cryptocurrencies through their bot.

The “service provider” has even listed a couple of elements associated with the “trading bot”.

In our observation, this is considered marketing fluff since the vendor intends to fill up his website and make the product appear legit.

Also, the reason payment is in Cryptocurrencies and Payeer is because this is a scam that does not want to “lose money” through chargebacks.


In the end, we conclude that Tradebot Investments Ltd is run by a thief.

Their London company is doggy and their business does not generate any ROI except through member deposits.

In the end, the thief in question will run away with all the “revenue” while victims will be left posting everywhere on the internet about their experience with this fraudulent Crypto trading scheme.

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