Tradebaionics Review: Recover Your Money from this Scam

This review of Tradebaionics proves that the broker used to be a rogue CFDs platform. The site is now defunct and not operational anymore.

If they stole from you, this is the time to pursue a CHARGEBACK HERE. The company has disappeared but their bank accounts and Crypto wallets where customer funds are held are still active.

Is Tradebaionics legit?

They are not legit, which is why they disappeared with investors’ funds. The company was recently added into the scam warning list maintained by the Italian financial regulator, CONSOB.

The financial regulator had warned that this broker was a high risk. But despite the warnings, some stupid investors were mislead and they ended up depositing funds into this rogue platform.

The result is that they were scammed and the website disappeared overnight. This is no surprise to us because we’ve seen these unregulated brokers running business for 1 year or less, stealing traders funds and then going under.

This is the order of the day for the unregulated brokers that hide in the shady offshore financial jurisdictions.

Can you recover funds from this broker?

It is still possible to recover your funds if you know what channels to follow. Most victims just don’t know what to do after they find that the website is offline and phone numbers or emails of the scammer are not working.

The best way to approach this is to use a PROFESSIONAL CHARGEBACK COMPANY because these entities have the right resources and network to recover funds.

They work with financial institutions like banks and also law emforcement agencies in order to recover the funds and bring the criminals to book.

Tradebaionics review: The conclusion

It’s unfortunate that the broker has disappeared with clients funds just as we predicted.

We’ll always warn you guys before you enter such bogus deals that waste time and money. Now that you know, you should share this information with any victim that has been involved in an investment scam.

Thanks for reading this review of Tradebaionics.