Review: Trade Arena a Scam! is claiming to multiply investors’ capital with their low spread ECN broker.

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Trade Arena is also promising guaranteed returns of 150% on a daily basis, which is just too good to be true.

In 7 business days, Trade Arena claims that investors will make 1050% ROI.

The minimum deposit is $500 or $10,000 in the most advanced package.

This sounds like a get rich quick scheme rather than a reliable investment platform.

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Is legit?

No, this is not a legit investment website. Instead, it’s a fraud site that has failed to convince even the most ignorant investor of their capability to trade and make money.

tradearena review

There is no trading of Cryptocurrencies on this platform. They are not regulated either.

However, Trade Arena keeps claiming that they hold multiple financial licenses.

We would like to know which licenses they are holding and in which jurisdiction that this business is operating from.

Are you facing withdrawal issues with this broker?

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This information is not available on the Tradearena website, which makes us doubt whether they can really return profits plus your deposit.

Also, owners of this website are anonymous but they want investors to trust them with money.


The truth is that you will be scammed $500 or even more if you take your chance with this fraudsite.

The site is just a couple of weeks old yet it claims to have 1 million customers globally.

This is misleading and intentional because Trade Arena is a scam.

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