Trade XAUUSD Review: Gold Signal Alerts!

Trade XAUUSD is a provider of COMEX GOLD trading signals and tips, and they operate from the domain

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Although their website was registered in February 2019, the signal provider has not attracted any attention from Gold traders.

There are no reviews of Trade XAUUSD anywhere on the internet. So this review will be a good opportunity for the community to provide their feedback.

Trade XAUUSD feels that they are the most trusted Gold trading forecast service.

They claim to provide Gold trading tips to traders based in Europe, Middle East and Asian countries.

The Gold signal provider is currently providing two packages for scalpers and swing traders respectively.

1 to 2 intraday Gold signals are posted on Whatsapp and Telegram everyday. claims that their signals have a 90% accuracy rate and will achieve 1500 pips monthly.

On the other hand, swing traders receive between 2 to 3 signals of XAUUSD GOLD per month.

The vendor promises 2500 pips monthly and a 90% accuracy rate.

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Unfortunately, there is no introduction for those who run this service. We can’t verify their track record either.

They’ve only provided their email (Signals@Tradexauusd.Com) and a phone number +44 7480722682 which suggests there is a likelihood that they work from Europe.

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Is Trade XAUUSD legit?

Their website does not have much other than promises of what they will do for Gold traders as well as pricing.

Trade XAUUSD review

They claim to be professional experts in XAUUSD GOLD trade recommendation.

They feel that Trade XAUUSD is providing a hassle-free approach to Gold trading and investing.

Breakdown of XAUUSD Gold signal service

Type: Gold signal and recommendation service

Pricing for scalpers: $450 quarterly, $750 semi-annually, $1200 annually or $5,000 lifetime

Pricing for Position traders: $750 quarterly, $1350 semi-annually, $2400 annually or $3500 lifetime

Strategy: Not disclosed

Trade XAUUSD’s pricing model is not suitable for those who want to test this service.

Now that they do not have verifiable trading performance to prove their 90% accuracy claim, we would like them to come up with a trial package that runs for at least one month.

We feel that the community will not want to commit upfront for 3 months when they do not know how the performance looks like.

With regards to lifetime pricing, we feel that this does not make sense at all.

If their signals are profitable as claimed in the promotion materials, they should not have a one-time payment model because this would essentially mean offering a quality service for free.


We don’t trust Trade XAUUSD’s claims of outstanding win rate and monthly pips.

We do not even know the people behind this website.

It is not possible to send them any money when they are not willing to disclose this critical information upfront.

Unfortunately, we will not recommend this signal service as we don’t feel safe trading with their Gold signals.

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